How To Fill Out a Profile On An Adult Dating Site For a Man

Do you know what the advantage of adult dating site is? On a adult dating portal, even a nerd can pick up a first-rate hottie. How to properly fill out a profile on a adult dating site for a guy to be competitive, we’ll talk about. But first, remember. When you get to the date, the virtual image will cease to matter. The prince will turn into who you are. And the bigger the difference the girl discovers, the more quickly she will retreat from the date. And now read our rating, choose a site and fill out your profile. How – I’ll tell you.

Contents of the article:

  • A guide to filling out your profile
  • The photo makes a difference
  • What’s in my name?
  • Three words about me
  • “Who I’m looking for” and why?
  • What not to say on your profile
  • Romantic snot
  • Negative evaluations
  • Patterns and clichés
  • What about sex
  • Examples of questionnaires
  • Smile-inducing questionnaires
  • Successful questionnaires
  • Summing up

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A guide to completing your profile on a adult dating site

It’s hard to overestimate the power of pictures and letters. Information in the profile can gather a crowd of horny hotties around your person, if you use your brain a little.

By the way, if you look at what the “top” guys on the site write about, you’ll immediately notice the essence of their phenomenal popularity: the right photos. Yes, buddy, 80% of a profile’s success is determined by them.

The photo counts.

I know you’re probably far away from the world of high fashion, but you can get some good advice from there, too. To paraphrase a quote by Coco Chanel, let me remind you that you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression on a adult dating site. Before you start puzzling over how to write about yourself in an interesting way, take care of your portfolio. Forget the nonsense about women loving ears. Today’s young ladies give their verdict on suitability within three seconds of looking at you.

The statement “women love with their ears” contradicts scientific facts. Women, like men, prefer to trust their eyes. Moreover, their preferences depend on… the phase of the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the weaker sex chooses brutal males a la Schwarzenegger. When conception is impossible, soft and romantic a la DiCaprio.

Take five presentable photos of yourself alone (not “with guys”), and your face and figure are shown from the best angles. A good photo from the beach or the gym will do. At home in your underpants is not. Beer, salad bites, carpets, and country scenes don’t either. Order a couple of professional shots – it will pay off. Good photos will get you chicks for years.

What’s in my name

Have you heard of attractants? An attractant is an aromatic substance applied to the bait to make the fish swallow it. Mystery Heart or Night Lover. Combine common emotions like “happiness,” “love,” and “soul” with adjectives like “mysterious,” “lonely,” and “wild. Translate into English – there’s a nickname that evokes a clear sense of the “feelings-s” emanating from the guy.

Three words “About Yourself.”

Writing about yourself is the prerogative of women. Sit down and think about how to write about yourself in order to stand out. By the way, to think – the prerogative of men. Therefore, the information in the section “About Me” should be brief and easy.

Now about the main thing – what you can write about yourself. You need to write something about the truth in an original sauce, if we are talking about finding a permanent partner. If the goal is to find sex at all costs, lie the best – about a friend of John, a Bentley, a house in the Arab Emirates.

But I’m talking to a guy who is interested in more than just getting laid. And to this guy, I recommend not to lie, but to stand out. What to write about yourself on a adult dating site to get away from the clichés, let’s look at the traditional “I love sports” story. See how an original story can be developed from banality: “I don’t like sports. I prefer to spend my free time more productively – to invest it in a successful future, which I want to share with you. By the way, I mean watching soccer. The gym is sacred. Lifting iron and overcoming adversity makes you realize your place in life – to be there and be strong, to protect and keep you, fragile and tender.” Man, I’d write you. And she would write.

There are plenty of examples of what to write about yourself so you don’t get written to on websites: “I am me. Ask me, you can’t write everything,” “Man in the prime of life,” and other nonsense. And, yes, don’t try to fill out the whole questionnaire. There’s enough optional information about yourself. Height, availability of a car, and an apartment are desirable. “Love and romantic relationships” in the aims – necessarily. And, of course, a few words about Her…

“Who I’m looking for” and why?

In “Who I’m looking for,” address her, not them. After all, you’re not interested in girls in principle, but in her, right? Sample: “It’s important to me that your interests go beyond shopping and hanging out at the club. No, I’m not saying that shopping and partying are bad. But I appreciate the depth in you.” The personal appeal is catchy.

And here’s what guys who will be jerking off online in the next couple of years are looking for: “A muse in business, a princess in a restaurant, a goddess on the beach, a queen in bed”, “I’d like to find a slim girl for friendship and sex”, “I want a girl with a minimum of complexes and free views on intimacy for a permanent relationship”.

What to keep quiet about in the questionnaire

A woman doesn’t need to know a lot of things. It is enough for her to understand that you will protect and provide. So put the pen in the inkwell and stop making a poet out of yourself.

Romantic snot.

Get a girl interested in romantic snot on the site is almost unreal. “You’re looking for an Alpha male and a dominant primate. Questionnaire in the style of “it’s raining outside, but I want love” may be in demand, but only among minors in Facebook and Instagram.

Negative evaluations.

According to the principles of life management, any negative emotion can be used as an ally. Anger, for example, to increase productivity. But not on a adult dating site. In short: Any negativity acts repulsively. Statements like “Aren’t there any ugly ones?” and “Fats by” will filter everyone out.

Patterns and clichés.

Look at women’s self-presentations – briefly and beautifully write about themselves many can. The weaker sex is driven by the instinct to create a family at any cost and automatically takes the right steps, generating opponents that would be the envy of a flamboyant pick-up artist. Now take a look at your profile. Underline what’s original, interesting, beautiful about it. Most likely, nothing. Examples of what to write about himself a guy on a adult dating site, Instagram, Facebook, to cause a yawning in the weaker sex, on the Internet more than enough: “I do not drink, do not smoke, earn”, “I do sports, I like to travel… Buddy, your name – a legion.

As for sex.

white round ornament on persons hand

Not a word about sexual preferences, penis size and other intimate details of your broad soul, even if the site carefully slips you intimate questions. Any hint of sex generates a “this one wants to poke” reaction in a young lady. “Sex one or two times” is your little secret.

Examples of questionnaires

Smile-inducing questionnaires

Carlson in his prime, unencumbered by any problems. I hope to meet the one and only. My long-awaited girl!

I shall meet the beautiful, clever girl of 20-25 years with serious intentions. Higher education, erudition, good manners obligatory. As for the question of beauty, I am too modest to say yes, and too beautiful to say no. I also like movies very much. My favorite movies are The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, The Ripper.

I’m the one you’ve been looking for. I don’t eat much, but I work a lot. I don’t like fishing or soccer, I don’t socialize with my friends, I can’t stand beer, I can’t stand tobacco. On a first date in a restaurant, I will gladly listen to all your stories about your exes, sympathize with you and give you a little advice. Come home to you with a large bouquet of scarlet roses and a set of tools. Immediately repair the leaky faucet long ago. In the bedroom I will come just to help you glue wallpaper. I’ll understand if you suddenly get a headache, I’ll go straight home, but first I’ll go to the store to buy groceries for you for the week.

Looking for a girl with erotic intelligence. Divorced myself and have a 9 year old daughter. The rest of the surprises when you meet… In general, there are many ways to get a girl interested.

A young man looking for a companion in life, a beauty, an athlete, a blonde, with the parameters of 90-60-90, higher education, but the option in the presence of a computer below Pentium 4 is not considered.

Successful profiles

All my life is a succession of different interesting events. For someone they will seem adventures, but for me they are ordinary things. Only I miss a kind-hearted person next to me. To be honest, I do not have enough time in my life to look for a soul mate with whom I would share my life. So I decided to start a profile here. Moreover, it is very easy to get acquainted with an interesting person on the internet.

The main principle of my life – I am myself. I’m always independent in everything – starting from housework and cooking to choice of friends. Interests are diverse, but mainly in the humanities – journalism and philology, social activities and history. Never lie and betray, I do not humiliate. Very proud. Basically I have a closed way of life. Occasionally I like to travel. I was married and have a child who lives separately, with my ex I do not maintain relations (I consider it unthinkable).

Bottom line

There are no personalities on a adult dating site. There are images, and if the image is constructed correctly – it will work. There are no clear criteria for correctness, but there are objective moments of popularity for a guy – masculinity, personality, humor. Tell the “best truth” about yourself, spice it up with charisma. By the way, treat the questionnaire with a share of cynicism. Try on a few options, analyze the conversion rate and pick the best one. After all, even I can’t tell which of your profiles is going to take off. Sometimes it’s fate, not calculation, that decides everything. But as practice shows, fate favors those who take advantage of opportunities rather than neglecting them.

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