Finding Your Soul Mate: The Difference Between Men And Women

Most Europeans are satisfied with their country of residence, they have a job they are interested in, friends, hobbies. They have everything for a happy life, but no beloved woman. When they decide it is time to start a family or when they meet a woman from another country because of failures with women from their own country, they want to find their dream woman – not just a woman who will fit in according to certain parameters, but their ideal (Traumfrau) – a woman they can live their life with. They want to feel in love again and are waiting for the spark to run. For this reason, one might get the impression that men are rather passive or don’t know who they are looking for. This is not the case. For men, time doesn’t matter, they are patient and consistent. What matters most is their goal of happiness with the woman they love.

When it comes to relationships, dating, and looking for a life partner, women often show more emotionality than men and are often more impatient. As a consequence, if they make efforts, concentrate their energies on communication, and feel hope for a certain period of time but don’t achieve the desired result in a short time, they may quickly become disappointed and stop their attempts.

The expectations of both sides are also different. Women are expecting pressure from Europeans: “open the questionnaire, win, get married! Men expect sincerity, sincere warmth, unselfishness, kindness from Eastern European women. Very often Europeans, who are attracted by spectacular photos of women and who expect warmth of heart from her, are repulsed by emphasized coldness, and sometimes even by arrogance and rudeness.

The reasons why this perception is formed:

  1. a woman feels uncomfortable and shy when interacting with a man she does not know well;
  2. the woman is uncomfortable because of the language barrier;
  3. a woman does not want to show her interest in dating (it is supposedly “indecent”);
  4. a woman does not believe in dating foreign men and considers all foreign men liars (as a consequence, her letters are full of suspicion and pessimism, and her communication with men rarely goes beyond exchanging a couple of letters);
  5. a woman wants a man to pursue her.

Unfortunately, in the context of online communication such behavior remains incomprehensible to men. After all, they expect warmth from women, they are not familiar with such dating stereotypes as “a man should write first”, “a man should guess the mood and wishes of a lady with half a word”.

Enjoy making new friends!

  • Finding the right man for a future together takes time and is not solved in a couple of hours on an international dating site. There is no set formula that can be used to successfully meet a foreigner. It may happen that your man will write you on the first day of your stay on the dating site. It may happen. However, it is more likely to occur not by chance but through your efforts. What actions you take in order to get acquainted with the man is up to you. Dating sites are just platforms that provide the opportunity to get to know a man. Charming a man you like is your job and no one can do it for you.
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to “ideals”. Be open to new acquaintances, be friendly and easy to correspond with, even if you are not immediately interested, but you still decide to give it a try.
  • It is necessary to find a healthy balance, when there is a healthy interest in dating, and inflated expectations (dating a rich man or a quick “result”) do not lead to depression. Be realistic in your perceptions and expectations and don’t make decisions based on emotions.
  • If we focus on only one goal, it is very easy to miss it. When we want something too much, we can’t achieve it, or when we do, we are disappointed. Perhaps we should put dating aside for a while and think about ourselves.
  • Dating foreigners should be interesting to you in the first place. After all, if you treat it as a fun pastime, it is more likely to lead to success. Skepticism, dissatisfaction and tension can be felt in conversations and repel men. Relax and enjoy socializing with new people, with interesting men. If you feel skepticism starting to dominate, take a break. Spend time with friends or family, go to the movies, read an interesting book. Distract yourself from the dating marathon by not checking your inbox every half hour. Later, when you recover your mental strength, you will be interested again, and this is the most important thing! When a woman is relaxed, satisfied with herself and her life she attracts men.
  • Great hopes can also be great disappointments. The stronger the hope, the more importance you give to the fulfillment of your desire, the greater will be the resentment and disappointment if something goes wrong. In our dreams we have already planned everything: acquaintance, spark, first meeting and dizzying romance with a happy end. However, life can’t be planned. And our dreams can be the cause of our disappointments.

Be open to new experiences!

In the book “Life. Love. Laughter.” Bhagavan Rajneesh (Osho) talks about the importance of keeping an open mind about life, about the events that are destined or not destined to happen. If we think that life is a journey filled with obstacles and human deceit, then it will be so. If we think it’s impossible to meet a decent man on a foreign dating site, we won’t meet decent ones there either. Each new man will be met with unconcealed suspicion and will contain a “potential cheater”. We set ourselves up for failure and thus only confirm our own rightness.

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