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How to Stop Drunken Arguments

How to Stop Drunken Arguments? Ban these drunken rows. Forever! The other weekend I had a particularly bad singles morning – when you wake up on a Saturday and both your roommates are at their friends’ houses and there’s no milk in the fridge and you can’t really walk because you sprained your ankle dancing […]

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Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats For the Little Ones

Valentine’s Day is simply round the nook, which implies that its time to whip up some artistic treats for you and the children. While Valentine’s Day is all the time related to candy treats resembling chocolate and sweet, you possibly can create some yummy treats for the children whereas nonetheless retaining it on the wholesome […]

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Easter Traditions In Western Europe

As in the Orthodox tradition, the date for celebrating Catholic Easter (Easter in German Ostern) is determined by the church calendar and, therefore, changes every year. In 2018, Easter in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is celebrated on 1 April. In Europe, Easter is celebrated not only by deeply religious people, but also by people far […]

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German Cuisine

German cuisine is characterised by its diversity. The variety of dishes varies from region to region. Many regions in Germany have their own special treats and ways of preparing them. German food is hearty and easy to prepare. Today we are going to describe the most common German dishes. SausagesSausage in German Wurst is one […]

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Christmas Traditions

Most people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are Catholic, which is why countries in Western Europe celebrate Catholic Christmas. The German word for Christmas is Weihnachten. On what dates is Christmas celebrated in Western European countries? In Catholicism, unlike Orthodoxy, Christmas is celebrated at the end of December. December 24 is Christmas Eve (Heiligabend or […]

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Austrian Cuisine

Austrian cuisine was formed under the influence of national cuisines of Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy. Austrian dishes are simple to prepare, yet hearty and delicious. Today we will tell you about a few common Austrian dishes. Main dishes Viennese schnitzel Vienna sausages Tafelspitz Chicken Viennese Krautfleckerl Desserts Kaiserschmarrn Apple strudel Sacher Cake Linz […]

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