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My Wife Filed for Divorce, What Should I Do?

Family happiness is built from the building blocks of our souls. People put the best they have into their families: love, respect, fond memories of the past, and hopes for the future. But marriages can become overgrown with “weeds”: quarrels, misunderstandings, and cheating. Unreasonable, too frivolous or emotionally detached actions that do not consider the […]

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How to Fill Out a Questionnaire on a Dating Site?

You have made the first step to finding your soul mate by registering on the dating site But if you want your profile to be noticed by interesting people, you need to make it stand out from hundreds and thousands of others. Your personal profile on a dating site can be a self-presentation which […]

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How to Marry Well?

The key to a successful marriage is the right man. Getting married. But isn’t it better to rely on a well-designed strategy instead of such unreliable factors? Believe me, every woman has a chance to marry well, regardless of her natural appearance or social status. There are more than one goldfish swimming in the ocean, […]

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how to build a relationship with a man and get married

How to Build a Relationship and Get Married?

A relationship with a loved one is like a garden, where the trees will quickly overgrow with weeds and cease to bear fruit if they are not cared for. Marriage is usually the most desired fruit. The white veil, the tears of happiness in your eyes, the exchange of wedding rings in the registry office… […]

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How do I Survive a Divorce?

Psychologists note the fact that in terms of the degree of intensity of emotional experience Husband and wife divorce equates to experiencing the death of a spouse. Shock, pain, and stress are what people who find themselves in the broken boat of marital happiness feel. It takes a lot of mental strength to Divorce from […]

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I Fell in Love With a Married Man, What to Do?

Love, as we know, knows no boundaries. And if feelings rush in, even such a serious obstacle as having a family and a stamp in the passport means nothing. If a woman fell in love with a married man, it can be described as a very difficult situation. It provokes dual attitudes in both the […]

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How do I Fall Out of Love With a Married Man?

The mind and the heart do not always work together. You can fully understand that the role of mistress under a married man brings you only pain and disappointment. That said, the idea-fix “I love a married man.” so captures your heart that it hurts just as much to think about breaking up. It turns […]

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How to Behave on a First Date and What Mistakes to Avoid

When a new romance begins, you want the love story to unfold according to the rules that suit you. But at first the relationship turns out to be too fragile, and every wrong move can turn into a breakup. At the beginning of a relationship, how to behave correctly is the most important question. It […]

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Man’s Best Qualities

Every woman constantly draws a portrait of the ideal man in her fantasies. She creates this image as a girl, just thinking about love. What will he be like when they meet? Like a prince from a fairy tale, or like one of her childhood playmates? As big and strong as Daddy, or as restless […]

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What Can You Ask a Guy in Dating Website?

Starting a dialog with an fascinating consumer on a dating website, ladies usually really feel shy and awkward. In this respect correspondence is nearly no totally different from dwell communication. It can be scary to ask an uncomfortable, awkward query or to be the reason for a lengthy pause, when the interlocutors simply have no […]

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