How do I Fall Out of Love With a Married Man?

The mind and the heart do not always work together. You can fully understand that the role of mistress under a married man brings you only pain and disappointment. That said, the idea-fix “I love a married man.” so captures your heart that it hurts just as much to think about breaking up. It turns out that you can’t do without him, and it’s hard and painful to be with him. Why does the intense desire arise to break up with a married man., and how can it be implemented?

“To not be tormented.”

The most unpleasant component in the life of a woman who has a married lover is the constant lying. It literally permeates your entire relationship: the man lies to both you and his wife, justifying his behavior by saying that he lies allegedly with good intentions. He does not want to torment you, and hides his affairs together with his wife, inventing various excuses.
Married lover, how to break up

He doesn’t want to torment his wife, so he tells her about delays at work and sudden business trips. All in all, it’s a classic scheme, and there’s no way to eliminate lies from it. Requiring him to “show his hand” and confess everything to his wife is not a good idea. Stresses, scandals, endless clarifications of the relationship – this is only a small part of what you can get in such a case. Besides, an open competition for a man with another woman will only spur your ardor and instead of falling out of love with a married man, you will become even more attached to him.

Conspiracy and espionage

A very unpleasant necessity of all mistresses is to observe the established “spy” rules, worthy of the best undercover agents. Instead of calling, you have to text, and then only at certain hours. Even if you manage to call, you should get used to the fact that the man on the phone can call you by a man’s name and pretend that he is talking to a friend or colleague. On meetings in public and going to public places to forget. Even go on vacation abroad does not always work – men are not willing to take risks, because at the resort you can meet extra “eyes” and “ears. To comply with all these rules is not only psychologically difficult, but often very humiliating.

Endless Jealousy

Even the most patient and calm women cannot help feeling jealous when they know that a married man spends most of his life in the arms of another. And even if he assures you that this embrace is just a formality, and that the heat of passion between him and his spouse has long ago and irrevocably faded, you will feel unpleasant jealous jabs all the time.
Married guy jealousy.

Unable to stop jealousy on a mental level, you risk taking it to a material level. For example, you’ll pry into what gifts he gives his wife and compare their value to the price of gifts for you. And the fact that men still bring most of the budget to the family will be an additional source of stress for you.


Holidays alone

Another unpleasant thing that almost every mistress of a married man faces: she is deprived of almost all the holidays and important events spent together. New Year’s Eve will most likely have to be celebrated alone. As well as all the other family celebrations. On your birthday, the man is unlikely to be able to give you a real holiday. On such days, the feeling that you are an alternate airfield or even a second-class woman may not leave you.

The right attitude and the right behavior

If you are determined to end your relationship with a married man, you have to start with yourself. Constantly scroll in your head all the negativity that your role as a mistress brings you. Write down on a piece of paper your true goals and ambitions. Most likely among them will be the desire to get married and have a child in a happy marriage. Realize that as one of the corners of a love triangle, you have little to gain. Except for the very negativity and uncomfortable situations that your lover constantly puts you in.

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Another important recommendation: test your relationship with your married man by choosing a long separation. If a man really cares and needs you, he will begin to seek your attention. But there is a good chance that he will prefer to give up the relationship, because he was comfortable when you were always “at hand”. The lover, deprived of the opportunity to come to you at any time, may decide that he does not need you anymore.

It can be very difficult to understand your feelings alone. All the more so when your heart in love doesn’t accept reasonable arguments. Try to make an appointment with a psychologist. In practical psychology there are many proven ways in which the lover of a married man. will be able to acquire iron self-control and unloving the person who is hurting you. You will become much stronger than you were before, and you will be able, without tears and almost without pain, to end that “love,” which is really nothing but misery.

Toward change

Married lover. can get sidetracked if you allow yourself to start socializing with other men. You don’t have to start any more or less serious relationships right away.
Starting a profile on a dating site

You can simply find a friend or a pleasant companion, with whom time will fly unnoticed. Ideally, the Internet helps in such cases. You can create a profile on the dating site and enjoy communication with interesting people at your own pleasure. Who knows, maybe very soon you will meet a wonderful free man, ready to make you the woman of your life, the only and unique. And at that moment your past relationship with a married man will stop hurting you and be forgotten altogether.

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