How to Behave on a First Date and What Mistakes to Avoid

When a new romance begins, you want the love story to unfold according to the rules that suit you. But at first the relationship turns out to be too fragile, and every wrong move can turn into a breakup. At the beginning of a relationship, how to behave correctly is the most important question. It does not matter where and how you found your partner: on the dating site or you met under any other circumstances. You should exercise some caution so that the relationship does not end before it has even begun.

Soccer? I love soccer!

You are, of course, the perfect woman. Well, or almost perfect. But don’t lose your personality in pursuit of the title of the best girl in the world. For example, you heard from him that he is a big fan of Pelevin. Do not immediately agree: “Oh yes, so am I!”, while frantically recalling who he is, and what he is famous for. To increase the number of common points of contact, it wouldn’t hurt to explore his interests. But lying about his non-existent hobbies, just to seem a little better, do not. It is better to tell him about what really interests you.

Let’s be silent about the past

When dating a new date, talking about your exes is not the best way to start a relationship. Even if these stories seem so sweet and harmless to you, they may not appeal to a man. You don’t want him to be tormented later by the idea that you’re still in love with that tall, muscular, handsome man you had an affair with in high school, do you? Put yourself in your partner’s place: would you enjoy listening to him rapturously describe his love affair with his ex, not forgetting to mention what amazing long and beautiful legs she had. Such a beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman can leave an unpleasant residue for a long time.

Private, report the situation!

One of the most insidious mistakes in the early stages of a relationship is premature control. You’ve only known each other for a week, and you already expect your lover to report what he had for breakfast today, and where he was from thirteen-zero to fourteen twenty-five. A man will be frightened by such an attitude, especially if he loves freedom and jealously guards his private space. Don’t turn into a controlling “mommy”-it’s a sure way to lose trust once and for all.

The beginning of a man-woman relationship

So, is it time to plan a wedding?

Another common total mistake is being overly enthusiastic about future plans. You shouldn’t plan on the second date what your wedding will be or where you’ll spend your honeymoon. Do not even try on the man’s name, bragging that it suits you. All of this is acceptable, but only about yourself. Voiced a couple of such far-reaching plans, and your lover will run away from you like fire. And if you find the type who will gladly take up the exciting process of planning and shock you with the announcement that he has already started a mortgage for 20 years and chose a sports section for the child, it seems that you will have to run.

From the life of a whippersnapper

The threat of being “under the heel” is a real curse for any man. He will be very careful from the very beginning, because it is very important to recognize an overbearing dictator woman in time. However, if you really prefer authoritarianism in the relationship, then pretend pliable and soft is not worth it. Later, finding yourself in your iron grip, the man will realize that you cheated him brazenly. And hold a grudge for life. Do you want to take the leading role when the beginning of a love affair? Tell him that right away. He may have been looking for someone just like you all his life, and will only be happy to hear that.

Parade Alley

Social media is a good thing. Have you had a chance to update your statuses and link to your new boyfriend everywhere? Don’t go overboard by adding another weighty batch of photos to Instagram with the titles “Me and my lover,” “Here we are in a restaurant,” “My lover is taking me to the movies.” Not all men like such excessive publicity. By such behavior he may suspect you of being demonstrative and frivolous.

Appreciate your friends

Friends and girlfriends are a great asset. Treat not only your friends, but also the people around your new partner with respect. Don’t ditch your friends for dates, but don’t force your boyfriend to get to know them all right away and fall in love with them urgently either. The same goes for his friends: whatever they are, he’s known them much longer than you have. And even if you don’t like them, that’s no reason to complain.

It’s time to pay the bills

In the early stages of a relationship, you want to know more about your partner’s financial well-being. Some people are simply gnawed by a healthy curiosity, while others may have a much more serious interest. Some girls in the early stages of the men’s purse arrange a real test of battle, each time making a date in an expensive restaurant. Think about it, maybe he was just afraid to disappoint you, and the beginning of a loving relationship has forced him to take several loans and owe all his friends and colleagues. It won’t be long before you figure out what his real income is anyway. And if it is very important for you – delicately hint to your chosen one that you would like to get truthful information about how much he earns.

The bottom line is this: Be cautious and weigh your every move. Imagine that you have a very responsible mission: to lay the foundation for a building that is destined to become the eighth wonder of the world. The beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman – this is almost a magical act, where each ritual is assigned its own time. Allow the events to develop gradually, and your relationship will not be threatened.

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