Man’s Best Qualities

Every woman constantly draws a portrait of the ideal man in her fantasies. She creates this image as a girl, just thinking about love. What will he be like when they meet? Like a prince from a fairy tale, or like one of her childhood playmates? As big and strong as Daddy, or as restless as an older brother? Every year the future woman learns more and more about love, dreams of romance – at first in a childishly innocent way, and then closer to the real state of affairs. The best qualities of a man encountered on the path of life are added to the image being created.

His portrait is made up of small strokes. Each stroke is a certain quality of the ideal man, which, for one reason or another, sticks in the soul and remains there for life. Naturally, with regard to the qualities of men the list will look different for each woman. The values themselves and their place in the hierarchy of importance change. But it is possible to highlight a few of the most common qualities, without which a super-masculine man simply cannot exist.



Мужественность мужчины

The most common quality that allows for many interpretations is masculinity. It hides such well-known phrases as “to be a man,” “a real man. A distinction must be made between manliness and courage. The first refers to the ability to behave as befits a man in the traditional sense. The second quality denotes courage and bravery, which also beautify the representatives of the stronger sex.

The ability to do things that are called “masculine”, to take responsibility for your words and actions – this is masculinity. This quality is most vividly manifested in relation to women: it includes respect, desire to protect and care. Quality ideal men necessarily imply and reverent, caring attitude towards children, and not only his. This definition also somewhat affects the appearance of the man: a man should not be smarmy, effeminate or look weak.


Intelligence and erudition

Умный мужчина качество

It is rightly said that the man is the head, the head of the family. It is for the strong sex the ability to use rational thinking at full capacity, to demonstrate their developed intellect, not only in the form of disembodied reasoning, but, first of all, in practice. Intelligent men, as a rule, easily achieve a high position in society and make a brilliant career. With them there is always something to talk about, it never gets boring, there are no topics that cannot be discussed. A man who is used to acting intelligently is unlikely to get into trouble and will always be “afloat”.


Good upbringing and strong moral principles

Воспитанный мужчина качество

There is an opinion that women like “bad guys,” for whom morals and etiquette mean nothing. Maybe these men do attract the more “proper” women by nature, but they don’t marry them at all. A real man is characterized by impeccable manners, knowledge of the norms and rules of etiquette and their manifestation. Almost all of these foundations are laid in the family. A well-mannered man will never raise his hand against a woman, will never leave her in trouble, will not even raise his voice at her. And strong moral principles protect against harmful passions such as cheating, drunkenness, gambling, etc.


Charisma and energy

Харизма мужчины качество

Charisma is understood as a special charm, charm, the ability to radiate unusual energy that subjugates other people. Charisma significantly wins over many other qualities, because charming people are forgiven many external and internal flaws. Pay attention to all famous politicians, actors, singers: each of them has a bright charisma, without which a person simply cannot stand out from the crowd and become someone special.

A charismatic person can fall in love without a second thought in a matter of days and for life. In some ways it is a dangerous quality, because the inner strength, energy and ability to charm can also go to not very good people. They exploit their special abilities, becoming seductive heartbreakers, alphonsees, and even swindlers who profit from women’s trust.


Sincerity and trust

Лучшие качества мужчины

No perfect man can win a woman’s heart if she senses his insincerity in words and behavior. Men who dream of seducing a woman at any cost can pretend to be completely different people to make a favorable impression. But nature has given women a well-developed intuition for a reason. Insincere people with fake behavior, wearing masks and hiding their true goals – these are the main “enemies” with whom no woman wants to do business.

A warm flame of trust should be lit between the representatives of different sexes. And even if all the necessary qualities of a man are available, the list is extensive and attractive, when trust is not in a hurry to appear, the relationship is doomed to failure.


Are there perfect men and how do you find them?

There are, of course, no real, one hundred percent ideals. But even small flaws become attractive if they are in harmony with appearance and with the inner content of the human soul. A world full of ideals would be boring. You can start looking for your ideal man right now by registering on the dating website and submitting a profile. When searching for candidates, focus on the best qualities of a man and you will be sure to be lucky.

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