Nadia And Gotfrid

My darling and I met on the website MeetKing. We have been together for over three months now and we are planning to get married in the first trimester of 2019. We enjoy every minute of our time together, our interests are 100% the same. Thank you so much for your wonderful website! I recommend it and hope you can make thousands of other couples happy.

Best wishes, Nadia and Gottfried

We are very happy that we found each other on the site MeetKing. Nadia took the first step and wrote to me. I am very happy that she wrote to me. We exchanged phone numbers so other users wouldn’t bother us. When we both realized we had found what we were looking for, we deleted our profiles from the site. It amazes me how similar we are, our interests are 100% the same.

Our first meeting took place in Kiev. I met her (Nadiya) at the train station with a bouquet of roses. She likes roses very much. We took a taxi together to the center of Kiev and had sushi in a nice restaurant. The rest of the day we walked around the city. The next day we had breakfast together and took a taxi to see the villa of the former president of Ukraine. There is a beautiful park there where we were able to take a walk. On this day we walked 21 kilometers.

We both speak English and Nadia is learning German now because we don’t want to waste any time and we are getting married next year. I have been learning Russian for a long time, now I am going to learn Ukrainian. Nadya is a very good teacher. We laugh together at every mistake she or I make.

– Perhaps you could say a few words or wishes for other people who are still looking for their happiness? Many men and women doubt the possibility of a relationship with someone from another country, the reality of international online dating.

Always be honest and sincere with the person you are in correspondence with. A true love story cannot be built on lies. True love knows no boundaries, love connects peoples. The internet is like a modern disco. In the beginning I had my doubts about it too, however, I was able to be convinced of the opposite myself.

Our best wishes! We are very happy that we found each other on our site MeetKing and we recommend this wonderful site to all the people who haven’t found their soul mate yet.

Nadia and Gottfried

This article is based on correspondence between Gottfried and a female member of the MeetKing.

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