What Attracts European Men To Slavic Women? And How Do Slavic Women Differ From German Women?

There are a number of reasons why German men prefer Slavic women:

The natural beauty and grooming of Slavic women.

Slavic women are reverent about their bodies, faces, and hair. After all, their beauty is also their weapon in the struggle for male attention. A woman as an artist creates her unique image – she carefully chooses her style of dress, hairstyle and make-up. Beautiful clothes, high heels, the whole image is aimed at winning the attention of the opposite sex. She has a desire to please, to attract the attention of men. To be the object of a man’s desire. It’s the fluidity of movement, it’s the eternal femininity, not the aggressive feminism.

There are many beautiful women in (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) Germany, but their thinking and self-perception is different. The German woman was brought up on the principle of equality of the sexes. She is self-sufficient, self-assured, and has a sense of self-worth. Germans also like to dress nicely in expensive and high-quality clothes, but the majority of women prefer practical, comfortable and accessible clothes and the same footwear. On average, wear these clothes and shoes for 2-3 seasons and buy new. Some women prefer a style of clothing “unisex” and short haircuts, as long hair requires time to care for.

Amazing ability of Slavic women to fall in love at first sight, to love faithfully, with all their heart, sometimes sacrificing their own interests
In the understanding of a Slavic woman, love is the most important feeling, love is energy itself. Russians have a saying: “There’s no place like home with the one you love. Love for a Russian woman is not only the joy of physical closeness, but also emotional and spiritual closeness.

A German woman will not sacrifice herself in a relationship, dissolve in a man’s life, her main interest (Also Read: WHAT FEMALE IMAGES REPEL FOREIGNERS IN ONLINE DATING?) is herself, and she understands that she is responsible for her life, for her choice of profession, partner, for any interaction in life. Hence the reluctance of German women to depend on a partner. It is not the man who makes her a “diamond,” she is the diamond. The German woman pays a lot of attention to her career, self-improvement, and then to the man.

The conscious priority of Slavic women – love, family, children, the warmth of the family home.

Act as his keeper.

To be beloved. Russian people have an opinion that a woman’s main career is in her family. A single woman cannot be happy, nature itself expects from her the joy of serving LOVE, procreation. A Slavic woman aims at marriage and is ready for it. The average age of marriage is from 18 to 25 years old. If marriage fails, the spouses break up or the husband leaves the family, it means tragedy and life drama.

For German women, marriage and having children is not the meaning of life. They devote their time to education, career and the average age of marriage is after 30. Marriage for German women is a symbiosis of two mature people united by one goal. If the relationship fails, it is not dramatic, it is the reality of life and the woman goes on her own way without looking back.

The kindness and soft-heartedness of Slavic women

Willingness and desire to forgive.

However, in relationships they are very emotional and dependent, they like to make scenes on an empty place, shout insults in the heat of feelings, beat the dishes, slap in the face… They communicate by innuendo, understatement, secret insults, and silence. Expect that the man will understand their feelings, which makes their life much more difficult. See “Dating Foreigners: WHERE IS INNOCENCE AND WHY CAVALERS LEAVE?

German women tell their partners directly to their faces what they like or don’t like. They do not have an understanding of “get with each other, get with each other”. If something happens in the marriage according to an incomprehensible scenario – they immediately ask a question aimed at correcting the scenario. If the marriage doesn’t meet expectations, all inconsistencies are voiced and further decisions are made. No one will tolerate anyone. If the marriage is a “fiasco,” you have to break up and everyone goes their separate ways. If there are disputes, the partners are set up for calm and reasoned dialogue, the meaning of which is to hear each other and find a joint solution to the disputed issue. Without hysterics and unnecessary drama. And therein lies the German pragmatism. Feelings can only get in the way of “debriefing”. It is important to find options for resolving the situation together.

Slavic woman chooses a man by heart and is ready to go through life with him, giving him her love, sometimes without asking anything in return.

Only confirmations of love in the form of flowers and gifts.

Slavic women love gifts – perfume, jewelry, etc. They love romance and expect their men to do extraordinary things that put them on a pedestal “queen”.

German women regard marriage as an investment in their future life and here, too, a pragmatic approach prevails. Love – it is a very ephemeral feeling, it sometimes dries up, but the relationship built on trust, mutual sympathy, based on a common goal and a common desire to achieve it, a common interest, such a relationship is worthy of investment.

We have tried very briefly to draw parallels between the “two worlds”. Both the image of Slavic and German women is a bit generalized. This is always the case when averages are compared. As for the individual personality, it is individual and does not tolerate generalization.

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