An “Investment” In Our Own Future

“Building Relationships Like a Savings Account: You Have Nothing to Count on If You Don’t Invest Something Yourself”

by Nick Vujcic

To achieve something, you have to make an effort. This simple truth is familiar to everyone. Remember that even in the old Russian fairy tale Ivanushka had to get up from his warm, stove-piped stove after all… Just as no two people are exactly alike, so there are no identical fates and ways of finding happiness. Some people can achieve their goals quickly and easily (in the eyes of an outsider), while others will need time and work to achieve their goals.

Why is it believed that in “love affairs” everything should work itself out, without the participation of a woman or a man? Unfortunately, more and more often we are faced with the fact that many women are afraid (or do not want) to “invest” (financially, emotionally, or mentally) in the development of a relationship with a foreign man.

In this article, we would like to discuss the topic of working on yourself, striving to achieve what you want, and what an “investment” in your own future is.

Where does it all start?

To begin with, you have to set yourself a goal. What do I want to achieve? To meet a foreign man and build a relationship with him. Why haven’t I reached this goal yet? When answering this question, it is worth being objective: what actions on my part prevent me from getting what I want, and what actions on the contrary contribute to acquaintance and relationship development?

“Investment” in the development of a relationship with a foreigner

The “investment” in developing a relationship with a foreigner doesn’t have to be only financial. It is all the efforts and means, all the time and emotions that you “invest” in the development of the relationship. It is everything that you “invest” in the relationship with the foreigner, in maintaining a long-distance relationship, in your happy future with him.

However, what financial costs can be incurred on the way to dating and having a relationship with a foreign man? About this further on.

The “investment” in dating a foreigner

What are the financial costs of dating a foreigner? Remember, it’s about your future. By saving today, you give up a happy tomorrow with a caring man.

  • Healthy eating, exercising, and taking care of your appearance. It is necessary to take care of your health and take care of yourself, first of all, for yourself and regardless of your marital status. You should not save on your health. A healthy diet does not have to ruin your wallet. The first step is to avoid unhealthy foods and habits. You can do sports for free if you wish (do physical exercises at home, jog in the stadium) or buy a gym membership.
  • Studying a foreign language: you can pay for language courses or tutoring services. We have mentioned this more than once. Knowing foreign languages makes it much easier to get acquainted with a foreigner and gives you a real chance to meet your man. You can learn a foreign language for free (there are many platforms on the Internet to help in this), but if you find it hard to force yourself to study every day by yourself, then perhaps by paying a foreign language courses or tutor services, you will be motivated. After all, not everyone likes to waste money. You will have to force yourself to study to justify the cost ;-).
  • Paying for the services of a photographer. On the international dating site men’s attention to your profile will be attracted by your successful photos (not the rich inner world, which you just can’t see in the profile). We wrote more than once about what photos should be for international dating site. It’s great if the girlfriend was able to take a good picture of you. However, in case you do not feel that men reacted well to your profile on the dating site, you should think about the services of a photographer who will be able to reveal your beauty and uniqueness, to emphasize your femininity in professional photos. See Dating a Foreigner: A Trial and Error Method.
  • Paying for the services of an international dating agency. If you don’t trust dating sites with foreigners on the Internet and think that they don’t work, you might want to think about more significant investments that can contribute to meeting a foreign suitor (no marriage agency in the world can guarantee you in matters of love, whether you pay or not for the services of intermediary).
  • Paying for tickets in order to arrive at the point of the planned meeting. The topic of finances in a relationship with a foreign man is very sensitive. If you pay part of your expenses during a meeting, you show the man you are interested in developing a relationship with him, not just in his level of generosity. A man’s generosity, in addition to direct financial infusions on his part, can have many facets.

“Investments” in relationships

You can “invest” in your own future not only in money. But time and effort. The time you spend on viewing men’s profiles on an international dating site, on communicating with candidates, the efforts you make to become an interesting conversationalist, to learn a foreign language.

It is always necessary to be emotionally invested in the development of a long-distance relationship with a foreigner, in the creation of a family. If we do not touch the questions of the joint budget and the distribution of responsibilities, both in the relationship and in the family are emotionally invested in the development and strengthening of their union.

The golden rule of “investing” in your future

NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU INVEST, A HAPPY FUTURE WITH A LOVING AND CARING MAN IS PRICELESS! “It doesn’t matter what you invested: money, time, or your soul in finding a foreign husband and building a long-distance relationship will return to you in multiples of their value.

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