Marina And Marcus: How We Met

Good afternoon MeetKing,

in August 2019 we found each other on your site.

At first we communicated only online, followed by the first hesitant video calls.

At the end of September we met in Russia and realized that we loved each other.

Coronavirus had its good and bad sides: after I proposed to her in England in December, I was not able to visit her in Russia in March, and in June she had to stay with me in England for two months because air travel between the countries was closed…

Learning each other’s native language became our common project. She learns English and I learn Russian. (Also read: DARYA AND GUNTER)

We love each other very much and got married in September in Russia. The future is very favorable for us and we can advise everyone to give love a chance.

Thank you for the site.

All the best,

Marina and Marcus

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