Coronavirus and Sexual Health

By now, there are few if any individuals within the civilized world who have no idea about coronavirus (technically, COVID-19), the pandemic of which is inflicting main adjustments all through the world. At this writing, the story is evolving and altering each day, and there isn’t any means of realizing precisely what path the pandemic will take. What is evident is that coronavirus is a serious concern well being concern – and that raises the query of whether or not it presents any sexual well being or particularly penis well being issues.

The reply is sure – form of. At least so far as is thought now. (It must be famous that the data introduced under is for academic functions and shouldn’t substitute for recommendation from certified medical professionals, who must be consulted by anybody with questions on coronavirus.)


The present coronavirus is thought to most successfully be transmitted by means of contaminated droplets passing from one particular person’s mouth or nostril to a different’s. For instance, if a contaminated particular person sneezes in a second particular person’s face, there’s a pretty vital likelihood that the second particular person will develop into contaminated as properly. (It must be identified that in each circumstances – that of the one that does the sneezing and that of the particular person whose face is sneezed in – it’s presumably that neither particular person might know that they’ve coronavirus. It is asymptomatic within the majority of circumstances – however can nonetheless be handed on to another person in whom it is probably not asymptomatic.)

It can also be thought that coronavirus will be handed on by means of contact with a floor that has been contaminated. So if an individual with the virus spreads the germs to, say, a door deal with, an individual touching the door deal with might decide up the germs; in the event that they then contact their affected hand to their face, they could go on the virus to themselves in that means. However, this methodology of transmission is much less seemingly than direct transmission from the mouth or nostril to a different face.

Sexual well being

How does this relate to sexual well being? Clearly, if sneezing or coughing can transmit these contaminated droplets, so can kissing. So couple who interact in kissing through which one accomplice is contaminated run a big danger of each couples turning into contaminated.

What about different sexual acts? Other variations of coronavirus haven’t been discovered to unfold considerably sexually; nevertheless, it stands to purpose that if, say, a lady contaminated with the coronavirus carried out oral intercourse on a person who then touched his penis and touched his face, that he may very properly enhance the danger of turning into contaminated.

Other seemingly extra harmless acts that relate to sexual well being may additionally pose some issues. For instance, occurring a date and sharing meals (“You have to try this!”) or sipping wine from a date’s glass may additionally be a doable route of transmission.

Even one thing like online dating apps must be checked out. How many individuals totally wipe their cellphone screens on a constant foundation? Swiping proper with an contaminated finger may probably create a difficulty.

The backside line: if an individual thinks they may be contaminated, it is best to (1) get examined immediately and (2) keep away from sexual contact (and different bodily contact) till their well being standing is thought. And it is vital that individuals be cautious of doable contaminated surfaces – so that they wash or disinfect their fingers ceaselessly and additionally screens or different objects that they contact ceaselessly.

Coronavirus will hopefully quickly be introduced below management and not proceed to be a sexual well being concern. In the meantime, males ought to proceed to use repeatedly a superior penis well being oil (well being professionals suggest Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically confirmed gentle and protected for pores and skin). Look for an oil that incorporates a spread of nutritional vitamins (A, B5, C, D and E) to keep up good penis well being. And additionally make certain the oil incorporates alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that helps stop injury to delicate pores and skin from free radicals.

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