Love and Coronavirus – How to Meet, Date and Have Sex During a Pandemic?

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Stop Loneliness: Looking for a couple during a pandemic

Dating in the age of the coronavirus: dating for the extreme

Coronavirus sex: staying safe during the crucial stage of dating

Official data as of March 31, 2020: 785,777 coronavirus cases. The worst is happening in Italy, the U.S. and China. But the Asians are on the wane, the outbreak is gradually moving to America and Europe. Russia and the former Soviet Union have not yet been fully affected by the epidemic, but there will be more to come.

How to Meet

Man is an egoistic creature, until it touches himself, he continues to think positively. Getting to know a girl right now, and a guy too, is one of the popular requests from single people. In quarantine, if the disease has not affected you specifically, all thoughts are only about feelings. Well, and sex, what without it.

Coronavirus love, self-isolation, and recklessness are major trends this spring. Let’s talk about ways to combat loneliness, dating under restrictions, and interesting nuances of dating. Read about sexual entertainment in quarantine in the last section.

Stop Loneliness: looking for a date during a pandemic

Every day restrictions are being imposed around the world because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Individual countries and cities are in complete lockdown, and in others things are just beginning, but trends toward closing public places are emerging. Millions of people are moving to remote work, and finding themselves alone inside their own homes.

Renowned psychotherapist Mark Hewman, who owns his own clinic in London, believes that the epidemic is no reason to limit oneself to new acquaintances and interesting conversations with a potential couple.

How to Meet

“The Internet is a great boon to humanity. Use it for active communication. A huge number of dating sites, apps, video chats and other services will help you feel fulfilled,” Mark says.

Instructions for fighting loneliness

1. use dating sites. But do not forget that scammers in a difficult period also become active. So register only on verified services. We make ratings to help you. Many well-known resources have canceled paid access for the duration of the quarantine. Now you can enjoy the full functionality of the site without spending money. With the money saved, you can buy medical masks or a few kilos of buckwheat, seriously.

2. Arrange to watch movies together via video link. The option of going to the movies romantically can be substituted. Prepare a variety of snacks (chips, popcorn, corn sticks) and turn on an interesting series or feature film. As you watch, you can exchange opinions and comment on plot twists and turns.

3. music lovers will please themselves and their partner by watching concerts and listening to albums by their favorite artists. Online services give significant discounts on music or offer access for free.

4. Going to the opera and the world’s famous museums will delight cultural lovers. Many of the world’s treasuries, from the Hermitage to the Louvre, have posted online tours for free.

5. Learning to cook together. There is nothing more interesting than having dinner with the person you like. Cooking it together will put a twist on the relationship. There are many video recipes and cooking classes on the Internet. Order food delivery to your partner and offer to cook together, using a messenger or other app that supports video calls. Eat the finished dish together with a glass of wine, adding romance to a long-distance relationship.

6. Lovers of surprises we advise to please a potential partner by ordering flowers, favorite food at home. Or a package of four-ply flavored toilet paper, why not. Believe me, your gesture will be appreciated. Quarantine delivery services run smoothly. A session of erotic communication at a distance after such a gesture is assured.

7. Good spring weather allows you to enjoy the starry sky. Install a special app that shows the name of the constellations when you point to any point in the sky. Give your future sweetheart a star by commenting on the shared viewing experience.

8. Communicate with foreigners. They have become more active on dating sites due to self-isolation. A warm relationship with a citizen of another country may help you visit another country after the quarantine ends. It may even be possible to successfully marry or be married. The Internet and dating resources bring you closer together. And no one has ever cancelled virtual sex, even the coronavirus. At the same time, you can improve your English (French, Spanish, Italian, German). No courses can replace communication with a native speaker.

Hopefully, uncomplicated tips on avoiding loneliness in quarantine will help you meet an interesting partner, and at the end of the epidemic enjoy personal communication, knowing almost everything about each other. Experienced in difficult moments, distant dates bring you closer together better than trivial sit-ins during normal times.

Dating in the age of the coronavirus: dating for the extreme

Guys and girls who can’t imagine their lives without risk are unlikely to behave more cautiously, even in the face of a pandemic. According to Valentin Skvortsov, a Yandex analyst, visitors to dating sites, at least in Russia, are making dates twice as often as before. Apparently, such a turnaround is due to the fear of not having enough time to find a date before the full quarantine shutdown. Agree, it’s more fun to spend time on self-isolation with two people. Let’s talk about the opinion of ordinary users of dating resources.

“Of course, it’s scary to date an unfamiliar man in today’s situation, but as long as you can still find a guy and have fun, I won’t be stopped by quarantine. By the way, we managed to go on a date to a restaurant yesterday, and today it is already closed. Agreed to meet at my place tomorrow, bought alcohol at the bar. Bought antiseptic, when he comes, I will treat him and, immediately, send him to the shower. I think it’s going to be an interesting experience. I’ve never taken a man to my place on a second date. And yes, there will definitely be sex,” shared Elena from Moscow, 29, a senior specialist in an engineering company.

“I’m not worried about the coronavirus. In my opinion, it is deadly only for the elderly and people with chronic diseases. I looked at the official statistics, at my age the chance of dying is 0.2%. And that’s if the circumstances are completely unfavorable. Therefore, despite the restrictions and the transition to a remote work, I intend to meet the girls. The relevance of geolocation is increasing on the sites. Of course, I will look for a girlfriend with the nearest location. By the way, going on a date tomorrow, we’ll walk down the street and then to my place, since everything is closed. I already bought masks for myself and my partner, antiseptic in my pocket. I never thought it would come in handy,” said Alexei from St. Petersburg, 27, a manager in a trading company.

“I’ll give you some advice for lovers of live communication during a pandemic. Avoid touching, the virus lives on surfaces for up to several hours. Treat your hands and face with antiseptic, especially before kissing. Wear a protective mask, but remember that it is only effective for the first 15 minutes. Wearing a mask regularly for more than two hours can cause sore throat. Therefore, I advise you not to procrastinate with walks, and invite your partner to visit. After entering the room, wash your hands with soap and warm water,” advises Anatoly Kosorotov, a virologist at the capital’s 2nd infectious diseases hospital.

“Sex is also possible. There is no evidence that the coronavirus is sexually transmitted, since it does not live on mucous membranes. The only wish is to take a shower before intercourse, with soap and water. Ordinary soap will do, but not necessarily the special ones used by doctors. Avoid kissing and close body contact, look for new positions,” his colleague, sexologist Igor Andrievsky, continues the theme started by Anatoly.

After such a statement, there is nothing left to do but tell our readers about sex in quarantine. We ourselves have learned many interesting things, which we will share.

Coronavirus sex: keeping safe during the crucial stage of dating

Let’s point out at once, there is no uniform opinion among doctors. Russian specialists recommend having sex under quarantine, while European specialists do not, or do so with restrictions. But since the article is written for the domestic reader, it is recommended to consider the advice of native doctors, and to listen to the opinion of western doctors.

“The main danger of ‘corona’ is transmission by airborne droplets and by hugging; the virus lives on the surface of clothing and skin. But making love implies hygiene. So in a case where a passion accidentally struck, do not rush to give it up completely. Go to the shower, separately, and then dare”, – advises Peter Melnikov, infectious disease specialist from Kazan.

“Statistics claim that over the past two weeks, condom sales in Russia have increased by 30%. The data were provided by marketing experts at Durex, and they should be trusted. It’s nice that fellow citizens think about safe sex, but a condom with coronavirus is a useless thing. The infection does not live on the mucous membranes, it needs a different environment. Although there is a known case of infection through oral caressing, and the patient was a woman who fondled a man, colleagues from Italy said. I do not rule out that they kissed beforehand, but a fact is a fact,” said Stepan Andreevich Anufrienko, a sexologist from St. Petersburg.

“I advise you to make protected love until the information about the virus is complete. Also exclude positions in which contact with your partner is maximal in terms of the area of contact of the bodies,” Stepan Andreevich continued.

The specialist does not advise to have sex with new acquaintances during the epidemic. He urges to limit themselves to virtual sex. Moreover, there are a lot of people who want to have sex on dating sites. One should only go there and register. But if you can’t wait and it almost happened, then limit the set of positions.

Safe sex positions for coronavirus

Let’s make fans of “doggy style” happy – it’s the safest position during lovemaking in the COVID-19 pandemic. Just don’t hold your partner with your hands. The man from behind enters the woman standing on all fours. Hands are not involved.

Variations of this pose are also allowed. For example, the girl can stand leaning against the wall (don’t forget to disinfect it), and the guy is behind her.

The ideal position is the girl on top. Not all partners know this kind of technique, but you’ll have to master it. The man lies on his back, and the woman in the riding position on top. Dare, you will succeed!

One more piece of advice. Avoid touching hugs after intimacy, sweaty bodies are the perfect surface for the virus to live on.

In conclusion, I wanted to summarize that despite the epidemic, it is possible to avoid loneliness on self-isolation. The Internet works, dating sites are full of bored men and women. Communication and love can be built from a distance, there are many ways. For reckless citizens, doctors have given advice on how to avoid infection as much as possible, even when making love with a new partner. Register on honest resources and remember: cheaters are activated in troubled times. Use personal protective equipment (not just masks). Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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