How Men View Women’s Profiles On An Online Dating Site

It all starts in the search menu of the international dating site… A man sets his individual search parameters (desired age of his future sweetheart, country of residence, children, body type, weight, height, hair color, etc.), clicks the “Search” button and starts browsing through all female profiles presented in the search results. The first thing the man sees in the search results is the main photo of the profile…

We should note in advance that we made an attempt to describe the behavior of the majority of men. Describing a certain scheme of behaviour, it is impossible to foresee behaviour manner, motivation peculiar to certain personalities, individualities which may “do not fit into this scheme”.

Main profile picture

Looking through women’s profiles on the international dating site, a man will choose for himself from the results offered by the search and open that profile, the woman in the main photo of which he likes. If the main picture of her profile doesn’t “catch his eye”, doesn’t attract his attention, he won’t notice her profile and won’t open it.

That is the reason we advise you to pay special attention to choosing a main picture of your profile on international dating site. With tips for choosing a main photo you can read in the article “Choosing the main photo for your profile on the international dating site.

Additional photos of your profile

Having opened her profile, a man, first of all, will look through her other photos (additional photos she added to her profile). Why? The answer is quite simple, on the dating sites men are writing to those women who initially attracted them visually. Later superficial sympathy may strengthen and develop into a more serious interest, or the charm of the image created by male imagination may prove to be erroneous and find no “confirmation” in a real woman.

Our tip: add as many good photos as possible to your profile on a dating site with foreigners. This means photos that will not only show your best side (retouching your photos is not included!), but will also appeal to men.

Only if a man liked the photos of the woman, he continues to “study” her profile, go to the personal information and data of the “ideal partner”. If a man doesn’t like the woman in the photos, he won’t continue reading her profile.

It may also happen so that a male will be so impressed, so “fired up” by her photos that he won’t read the rest of the information, or despite of some “points” difference (for instance, age limits of the chosen one or absence of children) he will hurry to send her a message 🙂

Probably you will ask about personal qualities, character, inner world. It is impossible to recognize psychic qualities in the questionnaire, no matter how voluminous it is. You can understand the character of the other person, his priorities, goals in life, and his inner world only if you communicate with him personally. A personal communication may not take place if the profile picture will leave a man indifferent.

Questionnaire information

After reviewing the photos of the profile (and provided that they made a positive impression on him, he liked the woman in them), the man reads the rest of the questionnaire: a description of external data (height, weight, hair and eye color), features biography (occupation and education, marital status, children), “requirements” to the man the woman would like to meet, hobbies and interests.

Most men will close a woman’s profile if they detect excessive interest in a man’s financial situation (simply put, signs of self-interest). “Meet a well-to-do / wealthy / rich man”, “he should have his own business”, “I want to live in a house by the sea”, “he should have his own house”, “I like expensive gifts”… A man, regardless of his income level, wants, above all, to be loved and accepted as he is, not because of the standard of living he has to offer.

We would also advise you to avoid aggression, intolerance, pessimism and categorical statements in your questionnaires. “I hate…”, “tired…”, “don’t believe…”, “sad…”…

Men pay special attention to whether the woman has children, whether she allows her future partner to have children, the age limits of her future partner, and the lady’s knowledge of foreign languages. Depending on whether or not the photos in the questionnaire make a good impression on the man and the data in the questionnaire coincide with his expectations, the man moves on to the next “stage”.

“Do I want to get acquainted with the owner of this questionnaire?”.

Depending on individual perceptions, personal experience (the image of the future life companion, experience in previous relationships, experience in dating women from Eastern Europe) and, sometimes, on the evaluation of his chances for mutual sympathy (“I like her very much! But I am afraid she has many suitors without me and she will not pay attention to me, will not give me a chance”), a man decides if he will write to this woman or will close her profile forever.

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