The Internet Is Not The Right Place For Pictures Of Children

At a time when many people are concerned about their Internet presence, the image they create on social networks, the “picture” of their life on Instagram, a large number of personal photos are put on public display in order to “collect” likes and comments – “indisputable evidence” of approval and sympathy of the Internet public. Often pictures of small children are published not only without their consent but also with the purpose to “collect” as many “likes” as possible to attract more subscribers and to complete the “picture” of their lives. Today we would like to talk about the inappropriateness of publishing photos of small children on the Internet, and on dating sites in particular.

Pictures of small children have no place on the internet!
There’s one good reason for that:

Your job as parents is to protect your children from unnecessary attention from people you don’t know. You do not know who, with what thoughts and intentions is looking at photos of your child posted on the Internet. When posting pictures of your little ones on the Internet, remember also that unauthorized people may not only look at these pictures but also save them. Just think about it, almost everyone has access to the internet these days. If your social media account is not limited to your friends or followers, your photos can be seen and saved by anyone from anywhere in the world. Responsible parents get an uneasy feeling just thinking about it…

Photos of children in profiles of women on dating sites
The motivation of women who show their children in profiles on international dating sites is well understood. My child is an integral part of my life and a man should know about it. When a woman adds a picture of her child to her profile on an international dating site she states: I am going nowhere without my baby! No doubt, the child is an integral part of your life. However, where are you? On a dating site! The purpose of your stay is dating, relationship, creation of a family. So, first of all, a man should want to get acquainted with you, should want to start and develop a relationship with you, should fall in love with you and already then accept your child. The purpose of the profile photos, and we do not get tired of repeating it, is to make a man like you, to arouse his interest in dating.

If you want a man to know that you have children, state in your profile on the international dating site that you have children who live with you.

If you want to post a photo of yourself and your child on an international dating site, hide the baby’s face with a smiley or a heart. With the help of apps in modern smartphones this can easily be done.

KeKeep your small children away from prying eyes!

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