“Do You Understand Me?” Or “Pay Attention To Each Other!”

Lovely ladies,

today we would like to tell you about one important aspect of communicating with foreigners. Unfortunately, it happens that we don’t pay much attention to small things. And it is the little things that can make the moment special, or they can spoil the impression.

One of these seemingly trifles is the reluctance (or lack of understanding) to understand the other party. After all, it is much easier (and it takes no time at all, no effort) to ignore an incomprehensible line in his letter than to think about his words…

To read/hear the other person’s words does not always mean to understand them correctly. Often, in order to understand the interlocutor, one must not only read his/her letter carefully (hear what he/she has said) but also think about his/her words, want to understand him/her.

Misunderstanding between a Slavic woman and a European can occur because of differences in mentality, life values and priorities, because of a language barrier or a lack of attention to the interlocutor. We talked about misunderstanding, connected with the differences of mentality in the article “Dating foreigners: where does the misunderstanding come from and why do suitors disappear? Today we will focus exclusively on the misunderstanding that arises when interlocutors do not have a common language of communication and treat acquaintance with each other superficially, without due attention.

Indifference is a manifestation of indifference. Indifference can hurt the other person. If you treat acquaintance and communication with a foreign man with indifference (detachment), there will be no acquaintance, let alone a relationship.

Be attentive to each other!

It’s very simple:

  • Ask your interlocutor more often: Do you understand me? Did you understand what I wanted to tell you? Was the translation (if you are using an interpreter program) understandable to you?
  • Instead of ignoring the man’s questions or incomprehensible places in his letters, ask him questions. Ask if you understood him correctly, ask him to restate his thoughts.
  • If the man’s words don’t make sense to you after the first reading (not immediately understandable), try to think about them, try to understand what he meant.
  • Be attentive to your foreign beau. Showing care and attention will not go unnoticed. One of the personal qualities that many foreigners want to find in a woman from Eastern Europe is a sincere warmth and sincere expression of care. Hiding behind a mask of coldness and ostentatious indifference, many women themselves sabotage dating a foreign man. Foreign men do not expect women from Eastern Europe to be arrogant, overtly disinterested and cold; this is not what they would like to find. Read more about it in the article “Stereotypes keep you from finding your man!
  • Overcome the language barrier together! Don’t get upset or discouraged if the program you are translating isn’t able to translate correctly the meaning of what you are saying. Trust me, you are not the first one faced with this and instead of feeling negative emotions just treat it with humor and laugh together with your foreign beau at the translation mistakes! A sense of humor and laughter brings you closer together.
  • Remember any difficulties are not insurmountable when you have a strong desire to fulfill your dreams. If you’re dreaming of a happy marriage with a foreigner, you should start learning the language of the country (with a man from which you would like to create a family) as early as during the dating stage. The reasons for this are given in the article “When to start learning a foreign language: before or after you meet a foreigner?

In conclusion, we would like to say that we sincerely wish that people would be attentive and listen to each other more often. Otherwise, communication loses that soulful, personal component that distinguishes communication between two people who are interested in each other from a simple, superficial exchange of information.

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