How can you overcome the language barrier when communicating with a foreigner?

Many women who want to meet a foreigner find the language barrier to be an obstacle to full-fledged communication and relationship development. Today, we want to pay attention to this topic and tell you how not to let the language barrier become a problem for you, a cause of disappointment and even abandonment

To overcome a language barrier in our time, when mobile applications and programs for translation of texts and speech, electronic dictionaries, electronic translators are free and available to everyone, is very simple! However, much still depends on your attitude and desire to do the translation of letters. There is no magic formula that will enable you to master a foreign language overnight, or a free translation program that will translate oral speech and texts at the level of professional translators (people). If you decide to overcome the language barrier, you first of all need to be patient.

Here are some tips on how not to let the language barrier become an obstacle on your way to happiness with a foreigner.

Don’t make a problem out of a language barrier

It is necessary to overcome the language barrier, first of all, as a mental obstacle, as an intrusive thought that prevents you from communicating with foreigners. Much depends on your mood and that of your new foreign beau. At the beginning of dating, it is important to be in a good mood and to be positive about the situation.

  • You can both make a huge problem out of the language barrier (for example, by making it the central topic of your first emails), which will not allow your acquaintance to develop.


  • You will treat it calmly, with humor, as a temporary situation that you can easily change in the future.

Did you notice the difference between these two positions? In the second “scenario” the fact of the language barrier still remains, but the attitude towards it has changed. It ceased to be an insurmountable obstacle for dating and relationship development.

If you start communicating with a foreigner by paying special attention to the difficulties of translation, complaining, and stressing how hopeless it is to communicate with the help of electronic translators, the communication will soon come to an end. In the beginning of acquaintance, you are not that for a foreigner yet that woman-dream for which he is ready to do deeds, for this reason, if you make of the language barrier a big problem, an obstacle to dating, he may just say goodbye to you and continue his search, to get acquainted with another woman.

Most Europeans are unlikely to want to change their country of residence and move to Eastern Europe for the sake of the woman they love. On the contrary, they would like to meet a woman who in the future, having moved to their country, could learn the language and adapt in the new society. If a man sees how difficult and insurmountable the language barrier is for a woman, he is likely to draw the following conclusion: she will not be able to move to me, learn the language and integrate in the future. Without knowing the language of the country of residence, it is impossible to integrate and fully exist in the society.

Take the time and attention to communicate effectively.

When you receive a letter and you don’t understand the translation in your native language, don’t skip the words and sentences you don’t understand, but try to make sense of the translation and understand what the person you are talking to wanted to tell you. Ask him or her to rephrase his or her thoughts. It is important to make sense of his words, it is important to do your best to understand him.

Go for it!

If you received a letter in a language you do not know, do not wait until a foreigner sends you a translation of his letter into Russian, translate it yourself! For a foreigner’s unwillingness to translate his letters, demanding to write letters in Russian is tantamount to lack of interest in dating a woman.

Keep up with the trend!

Use free translation applications, electronic translators and electronic dictionaries to their full potential. For example, use Google or Bring electronic translators.

Messengers also have a message translation feature. For example, in the Viber application you can translate incoming text messages into your desired language.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

If you have started learning a foreign language, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Practice with a native speaker will help you gain confidence and continue learning and deepening your speech skills. Trying to learn a foreign language, but at the same time, continuing to communicate with a foreigner in Russian, composing your letters in Russian and translating them with an interpreter program, you can not learn a foreign language. Start writing letters in a foreign language by yourself without help of an electronic translator (you can translate unfamiliar words, but you shouldn’t translate whole sentences). Take the time to do it and don’t be lazy! Yes, your letters will be simple. Yes, you will make mistakes. But this is the only way you will learn to build speech in a foreign language, get used to it. The efforts you have made are sure to pay off when you gain confidence communicating in a foreign language!

Do you want to marry someone who is not from your country?

Start learning the language of the country you want to marry a man from. The main thing is to overcome your fear and doubts and take the first step. We advise you not to waste your time on something you don’t believe in. Decide once and for all: “yes” or “no”. Because time spent on doubts is time spent without movement towards the goal. Learning a foreign language is a confident step towards destiny. This is your manifesto: “I’m getting ready to meet my man”!

There is no other way. Sooner or later, you will have to study a foreign language (if, of course, you say “yes” and keep looking for your foreign soulmate). Yes, you may not have met your man yet and you may be wondering if the effort will pay off. However, take it as a rule to think in perspective, to do things today that will help you tomorrow. Invest your time and energy in self-development. Make learning a foreign language a hobby. This is a very useful hobby because learning a foreign language can help you develop skills such as diligence, patience, discipline, perseverance, determination and strengthen your memory.

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