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Glücksbringer Und Pechbringer: Superstitions In Germany

Every nation has its own omens and superstitions. Today we would like to tell you about German superstitions. Superstitions and omens are an integral part of folk folklore. Certain combinations of numbers, objects endowed with supernatural powers, “rules” about how to behave in order to attract good luck and avoid misfortune, exist in the culture […]

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Get To Know Foreigners Consciously!

In most of our blog articles, we encourage you to treat dating a foreigner consciously, deliberately. What do we mean by “dating foreigners consciously”? This means that you have a goal (to find a man who lives in a Western European country to start a family) and all of the actions you take to achieve […]

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I Don’t Believe In Dating With Foreigners!

We often encounter a skeptical and even negative attitude of the fairer sex regarding the reality of dating a foreigner and getting married. Many ladies, as they say, do not believe in dating foreigners. Despite this, every day thousands of women from Eastern Europe type into search engines the cherished combinations of words: “international dating […]

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Anastasia And Martin Found Each Other, Fell In Love, And Got Married

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you. With the help of your dating site we found great love, we found each other. We met on your site on 04.02.2018. I wrote to my (as of today) wife and from that day onwards we kept in contact every day. The journey to be together […]

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A Letter From Victoria

I wanted to thank you! In May I registered here for a joke, over a glass of wine with a friend. And after some time, he wrote me. I didn’t reply right away and ignored him a few times. Then he wrote a few months later, which sparked my interest. We stayed in touch every […]

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German Words And Expressions For Dating

In dating with foreigners, understanding plays a crucial role. Without a common language, it is difficult or even impossible for a man and a woman to understand each other’s priorities and goals in life. Especially for women, who learn German, we created a small selection of words and expressions related to the topic of “dating”. […]

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“I Really Want To Marry A Foreigner, But…”

Today we would like to appeal to all the women who still think that in order to meet an interesting foreign man for a serious relationship, it is enough to register on an international dating site, add a photo to your profile (without thinking about the impression it makes on men), to write a few […]

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Dating Foreigners: A Question About Money

When a woman meets a man from another country through a dating site, sooner or later the question of money usually arises in their communication. The issue of money is one of the main reasons for misunderstanding between Slavic women and foreigners who meet each other on international dating sites. If it has not been […]

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How can you overcome the language barrier when communicating with a foreigner?

Many women who want to meet a foreigner find the language barrier to be an obstacle to full-fledged communication and relationship development. Today, we want to pay attention to this topic and tell you how not to let the language barrier become a problem for you, a cause of disappointment and even abandonment To overcome […]

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Dating Foreigners: Trial And Error

You may not make a single mistake from the first day you are on an international dating site and meet your soulmate. But if men do not write to you, do not show interest in your profile, it means there is something wrong with it (in most cases, there is something wrong with the photos […]

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