Dating Foreigners: A Question About Money

When a woman meets a man from another country through a dating site, sooner or later the question of money usually arises in their communication. The issue of money is one of the main reasons for misunderstanding between Slavic women and foreigners who meet each other on international dating sites.

If it has not been touched upon earlier in the communication, the question of money will inevitably arise when you start planning the meeting, right at the time of the first meeting. A man will think about the sincerity of a woman’s intentions when she discusses financial issues long before the planning of the first meeting begins. For example, at the beginning of the meeting, it could be a persistent question of who pays for what in the relationship.

It depends on you, how you will behave, how you will solve this delicate situation, whether the financial issue will become a problem and cause growing distrust, the end of dating/relationship or whether money, fears and distrust associated with it will not darken your relationship with a foreigner. If you start to demand, to be sly, to seek advantage, to humiliate the man, the relationship will be over. Will be sensitive, frank, agree to compromise – you will win the trust of men, his respect, and his willingness to do things for you. Europeans are ready to move mountains for a selfless, sincere woman who warms them with her warmth of the soul!

How to behave when during your communication, your meeting the question came up: who is paying?

  • Please show some sensitivity and refrain from making statements that don’t embellish or dignify women. For example, “you are a man, you have to pay for everything”.
  • Talk openly about your financial capabilities: what you can afford and what you cannot afford. For example, you can’t afford a trip to a restaurant. Tell your man that. Openly and honestly.
  • Don’t demand. You shouldn’t insist or make it incumbent on the other person to pay for your expenses. It’s up to the man to show his willingness to pay your expenses.

We have already discussed the fact that it is worth being delicate in financial matters, during the first meeting with a foreigner, when he came to your country, in your city to get acquainted. For example, take the initiative to pay the bill in a restaurant (at least part of it!) Do not take a foreign gentleman shopping, to boutiques in the hope that he will buy an expensive gift. Do not demand gifts from him, but genuinely rejoice at signs of his attention.

Remember that no one is obliged to pay the stranger’s expenses. Foreigners are often afraid to be deceived (to meet a scammer posing as a beautiful woman online), afraid that their feelings will be taken advantage of by real women. There is no need to give a foreign beau any reason to doubt the sincerity of your intentions, the sincerity of your feelings toward him.

Foreigners understand very well when interest is not caused by their personality, and they see when their financial opportunities are being taken advantage of. They do not like displays of self-interest in anyone. Neither wealthy nor middle-income men like this. A relationship should not be about providing for a woman’s needs.

Money is a reality of everyday life…

The reality of Eastern Europe, with its economic instability, has brought financial issues and financial security in many spheres of life to the forefront. Money literally invaded the relationship between a man and a woman. It caused mistrust, misunderstanding, reproaches (it spoiled the opinion of the sexes about each other: someone became greedy and someone became self-serving). Such important virtues in relationships as sacrifice, sincerity, unselfishness, sympathy, respect, readiness to do things for the sake of the other person, and readiness to accept the other person as he or she is, without changing him or her, have been forgotten.

We fully understand the desire of many women to have stability and to look to the future with confidence. However, feelings cannot be measured in terms of money. And what kind of relationship can we talk about without feelings? A poor man can love you and try to make you happy, just like a rich one! Pay attention to the sincerity of men, his willingness to give you time, to do real deeds for you. Do not measure the relationship bank accounts, useless gifts, the essence of which lies only in their enormous value, the number of zeros! The relationship between a man and a woman is more important and deeper!

Money is an important part of relationships in everyday life. There is no escaping it. Undoubtedly, having money will make life together easier and more pleasant. However, money alone cannot make someone feel in love with you, that intangible reason why the other person is willing to do anything for you, willing to spend their life with you. They cannot make a cold, selfish, cruel man to be caring, attentive, and loving. You will be loved by a man and thanks to his personal qualities and attitude towards you, you will be able to feel loved, desired, and happy. It is not so important how much money he has in his bank account, as long as his love for you, respect, and desire to make you happy every day is in his heart.

The increased focus on the material side of the relationship is not just indicative of a difficult financial situation, but, much more, it can be indicative of spiritual poverty. This applies to both sexes. Just as a woman is not beautiful for her selfishness, neither is a man who constantly links a relationship to money and rebukes a woman with money.

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