Olga and Nico

On April 2018, I met Nico on the dating site MeetKing. We both had experience with dating sites, but it didn’t lead to anything serious. Honestly, I assumed it was hard to find your man on dating sites and was skeptical about it. But, as it turned out, in our case everything happened at the right moment.

Nico texted me first, on my birthday, April 23, 2018. I thought it wasn’t a coincidence. After three days of communicating with each other on the website, we switched to Whatsapp messenger and kept in touch every day. We communicated in German; I knew German from school curriculum. I had to translate and write using translator on my phone. We were happy with every new message from each other and we lived every day together as if we had known each other for a long time.

Our first meeting took place on June 26th, two months after we started dating, in Tallinn. We spent three wonderful days in this beautiful romantic city. We walked around the old city, through its narrow streets, sunbathed on the shore of the Baltic Sea. We agreed that we would meet again.

In August I flew to Germany to visit him and we lived together for two months. And on New Year’s Eve, when I flew in for the second time, Niko proposed to me to become his wife. We then had long months of preparing the documents for marriage. It wasn’t a long separation, we were able to find an opportunity to meet, at least for 3 three days in Estonia and in Finland. In August 2019, all the paperwork was ready for the marriage and, this time, Nico flew to St. Petersburg to meet my family.

On September 2019, we got married in Baden-Baden and went on a honeymoon trip to Santorini Island in Greece.

We are very happy that we found each other on the site MeetKing. We grew up in different countries with different cultures and mentalities, and in this we see only positive things. We are always interesting together, we have similar sense of humor, and we are constantly in the process of learning.

I wish all those who are looking for their other half not to lose hope, to believe that somewhere there is a person who is looking for you as well. Be honest and sincere in your intentions and desires. And your desires will surely come true!


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