“I Really Want To Marry A Foreigner, But…”

Today we would like to appeal to all the women who still think that in order to meet an interesting foreign man for a serious relationship, it is enough to register on an international dating site, add a photo to your profile (without thinking about the impression it makes on men), to write a few banal words about yourself (“kind, gentle, wanting to create a family …”) and then do nothing, but wait until an overseas “prince” appears …

“Building a relationship is like a savings account: you have nothing to count on unless you put something in” Nick Vujcic, “Life without limits. The path to an amazingly happy life.”

Here are some common statements about online dating and if you recognize yourself in one of them, it’s time to make a change. Maybe you should reconsider your attitude towards dating and start working on yourself (presenting yourself not only online but also to men), develop your sense of purpose, set goals and achieve them, which means taking real actions.

“I really want to marry a foreigner, but…”

“…I don’t believe in online dating! It’s all a scam!”

“…I don’t speak foreign languages and I’m not going to learn them until I meet someone and get a 100% guarantee that learning the language will pay off.”

“…I don’t find it necessary to waste my time and money on the services of a photographer. I’d rather add selfies taken with my smartphone to my profile on an international dating site. That would be enough. There are no beautiful women in the West.”

“…I’d rather spend an evening watching TV than talking to a man.”

“…I’m just too lazy to write detailed letters to a man. I’d rather confine myself to a short and unambiguous answer to his question.”

“…I think it’s okay not to respond to a man’s emails for a few days. He certainly won’t lose interest in getting to know me because he’s languishing waiting for an answer!”

“…I don’t write to men I like first because I follow the stereotype that men should write first!”

“…I just wait for things to work themselves out. How? I don’t know. I guess I want to win a foreign husband in the lottery without having to leave the house and buy a lottery ticket.”

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements!?

Analyze what has happened in your life without much effort? Did you graduate from high school without passing your final exams, or from university without writing your thesis? Or, for example, what steps will you take if you receive an interesting offer of a promising, decently paid job? Your actions before the interview, which will decide the fate – to be or not to be! Break free to explore other professional spaces or continue to “vegetate and drag the strap” ….. You will want to stand out from the crowd of candidates and show yourself to a potential employer as a competent, responsible employee, as a professional who can competently express his thoughts and find the right approach to any client.

Why is it considered normal to prepare for a job interview but not necessarily to prepare for an introduction to a man? Dating a foreigner through a dating site is not just a favorable set of circumstances, it is your attitude, your openness to dating, your right attitude, the right approach to dating.

Why not become the woman in a dating situation, with whom a serious man would want not only to get acquainted (write the first letter), but also build a relationship (as a result of dating, getting to know this woman better)? Fulfilling your desire is only as real as the effort you put into it. When you make an effort, you go in the right direction, new knowledge opens up to you, and new opportunities arise for you.

Change your approach to dating for the better, while still being yourself. We don’t suggest you dramatically change your appearance or personality. Attractive photos, polite, interesting letters, speaking a foreign language, making time for communications – it’s not about changing your personality, but about “presenting” yourself at your best, about being interested in the result of your actions, about not wasting your time. Men feel when a woman is interested in getting to know her, and respond in turn with their seriousness to this interest. When a man does not feel her interest, he makes no effort to get to know her (no one will win her over, no one will do anything to win her over). Foreign men are not aware of the stereotypes of behaviour adopted in the Eastern European society. Internet dating has different “rules” than real dating).

Let us note that learning a foreign language plays a special, important role. One can’t learn a foreign language in a week or a month. And then what kind of long-term relationship can we talk about if you just don’t understand each other, can’t talk to each other fluently? Or do you dream of proposing to each other in sign language? 🙂

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