I Don’t Believe In Dating With Foreigners!

We often encounter a skeptical and even negative attitude of the fairer sex regarding the reality of dating a foreigner and getting married. Many ladies, as they say, do not believe in dating foreigners. Despite this, every day thousands of women from Eastern Europe type into search engines the cherished combinations of words: “international dating site,” “dating with foreigners,” “marry a foreigner” (we are talking about the statistics of search queries from Google and Yandex). But we have a perfectly legitimate question: why do they look for international dating sites and register with them? Do they spend their time filling in forms and checking their e-mails? After all, they know in advance the result…

It’s very simple…
If you don’t believe in something, don’t believe in the success of your endeavor, then you are doomed to “failure” in advance. Why? Because you simply will not make absolutely any effort to achieve an unattainable (in your opinion) goal. The relationship between a man and a woman – it is their work together. And to be consistent, dating (whether online or in a real-life setting) is the beginning of a relationship and should be based on mutual desire and interest.

If you don’t believe in dating foreigners, you won’t take good pictures for your profile on an international dating site, you won’t respond to men’s emails on time, you won’t devote enough time and attention to communicating with them. This means that you yourself will unwittingly (not on purpose) “sabotage” acquaintance with an interesting foreign suitor, not knowing and, in principle, never finding out if this acquaintance could have a future. With such thoughts (“I don’t believe in dating foreigners”), you will not take any man seriously, no matter how well-mannered, purposeful, attentive and interesting he is.

And being single is not an option…
If you have a very negative attitude towards online dating with foreigners and can’t change your mind, overcome mistrust and reluctance to act, then choose for yourself the way of dating a man you trust and direct your energy in this direction. Whether that’s through introductions in public places, at work, or through mutual acquaintances. (In this case, however, there is no question of marrying a foreigner or immigrating to another country.) Do not wait for a chance meeting or a favorable set of circumstances, become a creator of your own happiness. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be happy, to love and to be loved! Do not waste your time on what you do not believe in! Without your faith, without your participation (despite your opposition) it just isn’t meant to happen. The same applies to a relationship with a foreign man. Without your participation and your faith, getting to know a foreigner cannot grow into a relationship and a family.

Do you still choose dating with foreigners?
If you are convinced of the unreality of dating with foreigners, but for some reason you still register on international dating sites (you found this article and even finished it to the end), then in order to achieve some results you need to work on yourself first of all, to “dissuade yourself”, to believe in the reality of online dating and relationships with a man from another country, and start acting (we told about the best way to approach finding a partner on international dating sites in the article “Meet foreigners consciously!”). The happy changes in your life start first of all in yourself. By changing your attitude toward online dating and finding a foreign husband, you can change the “results” you are not satisfied with.

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