7 Rules For Dating With Foreigners

Look for a man, not a country

As controversial as it may sound, when getting to know a foreigner, take the time to choose the man (his personality, his qualities, his attitude toward you) over his country of residence. When you move abroad, you will depend on your husband financially, morally and “socially” (you will not have friends at first) for the first time. You are protected, if you have enough financial resources to leave your husband and return to your homeland without any problems. (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) However, if you burn all your bridges in your homeland (quit your job or quit your studies, sell your property / terminate your lease), going to live abroad with a foreign man, you need to be sure of him. Life in a prosperous country, with a pleasant climate and social guarantees, but with the wrong man will seem like hell.

Be prepared to speak/write a lot in a foreign language

However simple it may sound at first glance, many ladies, when registering on an international dating site, do not think about the fact that dating a foreigner will require daily communication in a foreign language, and subsequently learning it. (Also Read: DATING A FOREIGNER FOR WOMEN AFTER 40)

Take good pictures

Professional but natural photos will help you attract the attention of foreign suitors. Do not use photo processing applications, filters (artificial eyelashes, makeup, rejuvenation with modern technology, etc.). Their disadvantage is that, as a result, the photo does not show you, not the real you. The reaction of a man deceived in this way will not be long in coming.

Don’t be deceitful when talking about yourself

Be honest about yourself, don’t hide your age or important facts about your background (minor children, marital status, illness, etc.). A sincere, serious relationship cannot be built on a lie. Even if those lies seem insignificant and harmless to you.

Don’t ask a man about his earnings

Better yet, instead, ask him what his job is (occupation, position), ask about his living conditions. However, if you certainly want to ask about the amount of his monthly income, be prepared, in turn, to voice your level of income.

Be prepared to do things with no guarantee of success in your endeavor

Invest in professional photography, in foreign language courses, in meetings with a man (be prepared to bear some of your own expenses related to the meeting), without thinking about whether your efforts will pay off in the near future. You are investing in your future!

Think in terms of the development of the relationship, the presence or absence of a future in the relationship

This means don’t do things that will satisfy your needs (your ego) here and now, but potentially ruin the possibility of a relationship with a foreigner in the future. For example, don’t force a foreigner to buy you expensive gifts or flowers as a condition of a relationship with you. If he gives gifts himself, fine, but you shouldn’t force him to do it. You risk getting a gift and staying with him, as not many men will tolerate such a direct financial interest in a relationship.

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