Dating Foreigners: About Expectations And Values

Dear ladies, on a dating site with foreigners you expect to meet an overseas “prince”… Princes, as a rule, have their own ideas about the one with whom they would like to tie their life together. Today we are going to try to bring them to your attention.

It is difficult to cover all expectations of German men, because the individuality of each person, her originality and uniqueness implies individuality of ideas, desires of that person. However, there are some fundamental qualities of Eastern European women that the average German man who uses an international dating site focuses on, so to say. These are qualities of external and internal character. In the following we will tell you about them and how you can “manage” them on an international dating site.

Outward appearance

German men are attracted by the natural beauty of Eastern European women, their well-groomed appearance, style and manner of dress, beautiful long hair, quiet femininity and self-confidence.

We are talking about communication on the Internet, virtual communication on a dating site and the first reaction of men we get to the photos provided in the questionnaire of a woman. When you browse men’s profiles on the site, you also make a choice – some photos attract your attention, some you flip through without even getting acquainted with the profile of their owners. You know about the property of the photo – it may just be unfortunate. You know nothing about the person in the picture, about his inner world, his mental qualities, his abilities and capacities, his character and life, but the verdict is already made – he does not suit you. At the level of external data you make a verdict of inconsistency with your expectations. His appearance on the picture you are not impressed. So once again we want to focus your attention on the quality of the profile picture on the dating site. The main picture of the profile is a “bomb”, it either increases your chances of dating and communication, or it gives absolutely no chance of success. The main photo is your portrait, your face open for communication, your eyes as a mirror of your soul, your smile as a reflection of your goodwill. In additional photos you can present yourself full-length, drawing attention to the advantages of your figure, your attractiveness. You can provide photos of you doing something you love, such as in front of your paintings or a musical instrument, or with a pet, or with a cake you baked. Improvise. Use your creativity. Take advantage of opportunities given to you to talk about yourself non-verbally (with images). Remind yourself of feedback: You’ve uploaded pictures, filled out the questionnaire, and the result keeps you waiting. So you have to change your photos, change the image on them – for example, replace the image of a business woman with a romantic one, if the photo looks serious, add a smile! Smile – is your inner acceptance of reality. With the help of photos you can create your own unique image, reveal your individuality, because each photo carries information about you.

Inner world and mental qualities

Inner world is a broad concept that includes values, ideals, views, ideas about the world, about people. This is the moral foundations of personality, which a person is guided in his life. They determine the essence of a person’s actions. The inner world is also a person’s level of education and culture.

German men are attracted to Eastern European women:
a rich inner world and mental harmony;

  • kindness and cordiality;
  • openness to communication;
  • vitality, willpower, patience;
  • orientation to the family values;
  • ability in any situation to count on themselves, their strengths and capabilities;
  • compassion;
  • unselfishness;
  • tolerance;
  • ability to combine work and motherhood;
  • flexibility in decision making and reaction to changes in circumstances;
  • kindness and good manners.

You can get to know a person’s inner world during communication (verbal communication) and as a result of conscious actions and deeds – communication in letters, live communication via Skype, various messengers (WhatsApp, Viber) and at a real meeting. (Also Read: IS A PROFILE ON AN INTERNATIONAL DATING SITE A STIGMA OF FAILURE?) Each person is a small Universe and you need to understand the degree of interaction of two seemingly different Universes, using all the opportunities that gives you an international dating site, online translator and messengers, get more information about your partner and give him information about yourself.

  • Talk about yourself in your letters, about your interests, dreams, ideals, occupations. Everyone has dreams and goals.
  • Ask questions of your interlocutor, show interest in his or her life. This is your chance to get to know the person you’re talking to better and see how well matched you are.

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