The Ideal Age For Marrying A Foreigner And Moving Abroad

Is there an ideal age for a relationship with a foreigner and moving to another country? There isn’t, because the ideal age for marrying a foreigner and changing countries is the age at which you can adapt to your new life situation: learn a foreign language (your spouse’s native language, the language spoken in the country you are moving to), get settled in a new country (take on a new social role). The “ideal” age for a serious relationship with a foreigner is the age at which you are open to new things, ready to learn something new. (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing)

Why is there no ideal age for a relationship with a foreigner?

Each person is different. Life experience, level of education, level of motivation, diligence, willpower, perseverance, willingness to work to achieve her goal are different. That is why for one woman mastering a new language, acceptance of a new reality (cultural and social) will be a problem at the age of 25, and for another woman it is realistic even at the age of 50. Openness to new experiences, readiness to accept a new view of the world, a new social structure – these are characteristics not so much of physical age, as of psychological age. It is possible to be closed to everything new and often repeat, as people of the advanced age often do, that “everything was better before” already at the age of 30. Or you can keep up with the times at the age of 55.

It is very difficult for “closed” for new (conservative) women, no matter how old they are, to get acquainted with a foreigner, because, as a rule, they are unable to understand and accept his mentality, they expect from him behavior typical for a Slavic man and, as a result, they are quickly disappointed in foreign “princes”. (Also Read: DATING FOREIGNERS: ABOUT EXPECTATIONS AND VALUES)

A serious relationship with a foreigner is a change of country of residence

A long-term, serious relationship cannot be maintained over a long distance. The future of a serious relationship is a man and woman’s future together. And a joint future involves living together, that is, living in the same country. So getting married and moving is a logical step in a serious relationship with a foreigner. However, it is far from being the final stage! It is the beginning of a new path! Starting a new stage of life in another country, it will be useful for you to know what you want from this new life (what role do you see yourself in, how much you are ready to depend on your husband, etc.).

Most foreign men are satisfied with their country of residence, so it is up to the woman to move. Once you are married to a foreigner and have moved, learning the language and integrating will be your number one challenge. And learning a foreign language and integrating in a new country is first and foremost about accepting a new language: a new language you will have to speak every day; new norms, rules and traditions you will have to face every day; a new way of looking at the world, at everyday life, at the social roles of men and women (a new mentality for you).

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