What Does A Foreigner Think Of Me?

When registering a profile on an international dating site, it is important to be able and willing to analyze your own actions critically (first of all, in a detached way, not biased, as a stranger would do for you). This means to be able (and to want) to look at yourself, at your actions from the outside and to think, what impression do you make on a man?

How much do you reveal yourself to the person you’re talking to?

Can a man really understand what an interesting, versatile and sincere person you are? (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) Or does he only see a very modest, verbose and rather cold girl, who probably keeps the conversation only out of politeness, because, on the one hand, he does not want to offend the interlocutor, but, on the other hand, does not know how best to say no? Or maybe you are too early and pushy enough to bring up financial issues (security and stability of the foreign fiancé)?

What impression do your photos make on a foreigner?

What will a foreigner see in your photos? A genuinely smiling, well-groomed woman? A socialite with a condescending smile? A bitchy diva? The tired woman with circles under her eyes and disheveled hair? A free-spirited, somewhat frivolous girl? Your profile pictures tell their own special story! They start to “talk” to the man long before the actual conversation between you and the foreigner takes place.

Important! The main picture of your profile is a picture without a smile? Don’t waste time, remove it immediately! Playful, sincere, happy smile is able to win a man’s heart! See The Influence of a Smile and Positive Emotions on Intercourse and Relationship with a Foreign Man. (Also Read: THE IDEAL AGE FOR MARRYING A FOREIGNER AND MOVING ABROAD)

Does the man trust you?

Or do you give the impression of someone who communicates online to occupy his time, with no definite purpose. How detailed and honest are your responses to his emails? How truthful is the information in your profile on an international dating site?

Does the man understand what you would like to tell him?

How well do you speak foreign languages? Is an online translator sufficient for communication, or is it because of the language barrier that communication with many suitors does not work out?

Do you expect a foreigner to behave like a Slav?

When you asked yourself all the above questions, did you try to answer them as a foreigner would, or were you guided by the thought process of a Slavic man? It is quite natural that you may be unfamiliar with the mentality of men from other countries and, trying to assess your questionnaire and actions, you were guided by the reactions typical for Slavic men. In order to understand the mentality of foreign men, communicate with them, get to know them, ask men questions and read the blog fernliebe.

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