Acquaintance And Relations With A Foreigner In The Period Of Self-isolation

The coronavirus epidemic has suddenly burst into everyone’s life. The mode of self-isolation literally “ripped” millions of people not only from their usual social environment, but also made many daily activities impossible, not to mention the ways of spending leisure time. However, nothing has changed for online dating with foreigners. You can still meet men from different countries. Now that you have more free time, you can pay attention to socializing and getting to know an interesting man. When life gets back to normal (quarantine, border closures are temporary measures!), you can meet a foreigner and build a meaningful relationship! Use the quarantine to change your life, finally meet your man and be happy!

Quarantine is not a reason to give up on your future and your dreams

Quarantine, self-isolation is a temporary circumstance. As of today (early May 2020), familiar life is slowly beginning to return to the streets of Germany. At the beginning of April, this was hard to imagine. Children have started going to schools and kindergartens, stores have opened, beauty salons and hair salons have opened – all of this, of course, subject to necessary hygiene measures. Bans on social contact have been loosened, and cafes, restaurants and hotels are scheduled to open in the coming weeks. Of course, doubts and fears remain among the population. Weeks spent in self-isolation, in the uncertainty of how and when life can return to normal, have left their mark. It will take time to get rid of insecurity, of fear. However, the gradual process of returning to normalcy has already begun in Germany. To a certain extent, the population has “breathed out” with relief and looks to the future, making plans for the future. It cannot be otherwise. Life is bound to get back to normal. Believe me, life will normalize in your country too! Air travel between the countries will resume and you will be able to meet the man you met during the quarantine. Countries cannot exist in isolation for long. Be patient, be excited about meeting new people and keep planning for the future!

Quarantine is not a reason to reject new acquaintances

Now that you have free time in self-isolation, you can devote yourself to dating, finding your man, getting to know each other, taking the time to communicate with him fully. And when the world returns to routine, you will definitely meet up! Don’t miss the chance to change your life! The plans you had before the quarantine, your cherished desires and sincere dreams – remain valid! Quarantine is not a reason to give up on your personal life.

Self-isolation changed men. The hardened bachelors, left alone in an empty apartment, realized the importance of family, the importance of family ties. Self-isolation changed them. Men who used to be proud of their bachelor life have fully embraced loneliness and will begin to search for their soulmate, a loving wife with whom they can share their life.

Take time for each other

This applies not only to lonely hearts in search of a relationship, but also to already established couples who by virtue of circumstances are separated by distance.

Your relationship should not fall prey to temporary circumstances. Until you have a chance to meet, don’t waste time, strengthen your spiritual connection, and work to build a strong relationship.

Here are a few ways you can diversify your communication, get to know each other better and “spend time” together during your quarantine or while you are apart.

  • Communicate more often by video call. It’s the easiest way to look each other in the eyes, to be together even at a distance.
  • Are you going out for a walk? Invite a man to “keep you company”! You can make video calls (on Skype, WhatsApp or Viber) while you are outside, and thus walk “together”. Or you can make a short video that shows your man the places where you like to walk, perhaps a favorite route or a favorite corner in your city. Seeing more of your daily life will make the foreigner feel closer to you. You, in turn, can ask him to take you on a walk through his favorite places! It’s a very simple way to get closer to each other. All you need is a smartphone with a camera, internet access and a desire to show your life to your foreign lover, to share simple, everyday pleasures with them.
  • Arrange a romantic dinner! Thanks to video calls you can cook your favorite meals “together” and even have a romantic dinner. Agree on what you will cook together (what ingredients you both need to purchase in advance). After you have cooked a meal together (he cooked in his kitchen and you in yours. With the help of a video call you were able to communicate in real time), put on a beautiful dress that you would wear on a real date with your man, light candles and enjoy the meal together, the time you spent together. It’s little things like this that seem to bring you closer together and create shared memories.
  • Are you going to watch a movie or listen to music? Do it together with your sweetheart! There are online services that allow you to watch videos and listen to music together (in real time) online. These include: Watch2Gether, YouTube, Deezer. The opportunity to watch videos together is also available on social networks Facebook and Instagram.
  • Spend an evening together for an interesting game! Online you can play chess, card games, naval combat together (this game is known to German, Austrian and Swiss cavaliers as “Schiffe versenken”)!
  • Create a collaborative painting! With the online Sketchpad app you can create collaborative paintings, diagrams, and just draw together. It’s a fun activity for creative couples and just a fun pastime for people who want to learn more about each other and spend time together.

Quarantine and the current world situation teach us to be patient and appreciate the most precious and important thing we are given: life, health, family, friends. Continue to make plans for the future, meet foreigners, and plan meetings. Your happy future with a caring man has not been cancelled!

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