What Are Foreigners Afraid Of When It Comes To International Dating?

The answer to this question is simple. Like many people, no matter what life situation they are in, whether it is online dating or making a business deal, foreign men are afraid of being scammed. In the case of online dating, they fear being deceived by an Internet scammer posing as a loving woman to lure money from them, or a real woman with a selfish agenda who is not interested in a long-term sincere relationship.

Foreign men fear that their sincere feelings will be taken advantage of. They fear falling in love and being deceived. To open their hearts to a man who will take advantage of their good intentions for his own self-serving purposes. It is not a manifestation of weakness that Slavic women are so reluctant to see in foreign suitors. It is a self-preservation instinct, a simple human desire to avoid heartache.

Because of ignorance, a woman who wants to meet a foreigner can easily give a man a bad impression, an impression of a lady with a vested interest, and thus put an end to their acquaintance. You may not even understand how it happened and why the man suddenly started to think badly of you and stopped communicating with you.

Listen to the tips below, they will not only help you avoid giving a false impression of you, an impression that we are sure you do not want to give a man, but also help you protect yourself from disappointment.

  • Do not knowingly provide false information about yourself. For example, date of birth. When dating online, there is often a temptation to “rejuvenate” your profile, thereby increasing your chances of meeting a man of the same age. But sooner or later you will have to tell a man the truth. How will you do it? What kind of reaction from a man you are hoping for? Do not count on the fact that after a few letters a man will be madly in love with you, and just brush off your confession, let it pass his ears. How a foreign cavalier will react to a lie is impossible to foresee in advance. However, one thing is true: a lie is a betrayal, a long-term, real relationship cannot be built on a lie.
  • Don’t manipulate photos for your profile on an international dating site. We are talking about manipulation with photoshop software, smartphone apps, camera filters. Thus you can avoid, first of all, your own disappointment, from the reaction of a man, when he sees discrepancies between your real you and the picture you’ve artificially created. How delicate or rude will be that reaction, it is impossible to predict.
  • Do not give up communicating through video calls. Free applications Skype, WhatsApp and Viber are now available to everyone. In today’s world, you can always find a way to make a call using a webcam. It may not be obvious at first glance, but a person who categorically refuses to communicate using a web camera can use someone else’s photos in his profile on an international dating site and send in his letters. That is to be a fake or an internet scammer.
  • Seek a relationship, not the benefits of a relationship. Appreciate men who are willing to do things for you, who have sincere, serious feelings, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Refrain from complaining about life, circumstances, and lack of money.
  • Refrain from asking prematurely direct questions about a man’s financial situation.

Lies, even small and, in your opinion, innocent, are not justified if you want to find a happy future and a strong relationship with the man you love. Your man, your man will accept you for who you are. The flaws you may be trying to hide by retouching your photos or manipulating your date of birth will be your virtues for the man who truly loves you.

Look for your man, whom you, in turn, accept as he is, with all his virtues and flaws, and do not change yourself for the opinion of strangers to you.

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