Marrying a Foreigner: For Which Type Of Women It Will Be A Reality

Many women who have married a foreigner initially set the goal of marrying a foreigner, finding the right man, as a goal. A real goal that they were willing to “work towards”. What these women had in common was not their striking good looks, their perfect command of foreign languages or their youth, but the determination and perseverance with which they pursued their goals. It means that at a certain period of their life, they decided for themselves what they expect from the future and what kind of man they want to see by their side, what country they want to live in and how they will achieve it.

Are you serious?

Here are just a few aspects that are important to you:

  • You have to set a clear goal for yourself: to get married to a foreigner and to work out a way to achieve this goal that is acceptable to you. Prepare yourself for a long-term and systematic “activity” to reach your goal: communicating with men, checking your e-mails and answering them (several times a day), meeting on Skype (without procrastinating), learning a foreign language, taking an active part in organizing a real meeting with a man, finding information about getting married, moving to another country and the necessary documentation.
  • Uncertainty, fears and doubts should be eliminated from your thoughts.
  • Forget about the stereotypes of behavior accepted in Eastern European countries and try to understand the mentality of foreign men.
  • Regularly visit an international dating site and send daily letters to new suitors you are attracted to.
  • Update the photos in your profile on the dating site.
  • Practice your English (or if you decide you want to meet a man from a specific country, practice your English). Good English language skills will come in handy when meeting men from different countries and will show you that you are serious and committed. Believe me, many foreigners who want to meet a Slavic woman have come across representatives of the weaker sex who seem to want to marry a foreigner, but are full of contradictions and doubts: they do not believe, cannot make up their mind, do not want to take risks, are used to everyday life and do not want to go out of their comfort zone.

Waste of time…
Getting to know a worthy foreign beau, let alone marry a foreigner, is difficult for all women who “don’t believe in dating foreigners” but still (for what purpose?) use international dating sites for years. If you don’t believe in something, you won’t achieve your goal. On a subconscious level you will do anything to alienate men, make your profile unattractive to them, photos are not memorable and do not attract attention, and letters are uninteresting and superficial.

Get happily married to a foreigner, meet her man, those women who are confident in their goals, believe in the success of its achievement, confident that they can achieve it and not afraid (not lazy) to make an effort to achieve it. Such women have a “plan of action”, are not afraid of bureaucratic formalities and are ready to overcome difficulties. These are purposeful, persistent, fearless, energetic and hardworking ladies. Those who doubt, demand guarantees and do not want to “take risks” by making efforts to fulfill their dreams are doomed to failure in advance.

In conclusion, we should mention one important feature of our time, which in turn is a huge advantage for all women who want to meet and marry a foreigner. Thanks to the Internet, social networks, international dating sites, residents of other countries have become “closer”, there are more opportunities to meet, communicate, see each other and be literally in touch 24 hours, regardless of the borders and distance. “Borders” in our time, have taken the form of rather internal obstacles, overcoming which has become only a matter of personal motivation. And remember the days when home Internet access was far from everyone. Those (not so distant) times, when not everybody had a computer and an Internet access, not to mention ubiquitous Internet access via mobile device, goal-oriented and persistent women, who wanted to marry a foreigner, went to Internet cafes, wrote letters every day, met new men who were convinced of their seriousness and came to meet them (regardless of the borders and distance). Such women, at all times, achieved their goal.

We have noted many times that much is in your hands. You can easily look for reasons and excuses, to find “excuses” in the stereotypes of behavior that will explain the “passivity”, the coldness, the need for a gentleman to “languish” in anticipation of an answer, but only you can make a choice: to wait, “go with the flow” or begin to act and create their destiny, to give the chance to meet a decent man of chance or start to go to your goal, continue to follow the stereotypes of behavior or become the master of her life and act as you want.

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