When Should You Start Getting To Know Foreigners?

The answer is simple: whether you want to meet a foreigner or a man from your country, you should start a new romantic relationship when you are ready for a new relationship. This means that you are completely free of past relationships. Both factually (you are not dating a young man, not living together, divorced your spouse) and emotionally. You have no hard feelings or anger toward your former lover. You no longer discuss him with your girlfriends (and you certainly won’t discuss him with your new foreign beau. That’s taboo!). You don’t even think about him. It hurts and it’s no longer interesting. Past relationships for you – it is a passing phase of life, it is received and realized the lesson. You gained new experience, became a better judge of people and understand yourself, your goals and desires.

Only being free and open to new things, you can enjoy new acquaintances, pay enough attention and time to a man, the process of your dating. You will not be ready for a happy future with another man by “living in the past,” recalling resentments, and constantly running through the events and their possible developments in your head. Do not look for a new relationship in order to forget the past, “switch. This does not work. A harmonious relationship with a man is a goal, not a means to solve personal problems.

Relationship with a foreigner

You should start dating foreigners not only when you are ready for a new relationship, but also if you are ready to work on the relationship. A relationship with a foreigner, at first, is a long-distance relationship. And a long-distance relationship simply cannot function if the couple is not working on it together. You have to be willing to “invest” in the relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, the unspoken “rule” of dating and courting, deeply rooted in the Slavic consciousness he must pursue me – simply does not work. A normal man will pursue a woman he has seen at least once in real life (that is, a woman with whom he has already met).

A relationship with a foreigner is a long-term project

What kind of joint relationship “work” are we talking about? A relationship with a foreigner and moving to another country is a long-term project. And in order to realize it, you will need:

patience and consistency. For example, to process all documents necessary for marriage with a foreigner and wait for the decision to issue a visa.

Foresight and a plan of action. For example, on what grounds will you move to another country? What will you do there? What will be your social role?

Learning a partner’s language.

Finding opportunities to meet.

Full daily communication.

Willingness to compromise (“flexibility”).


Desire and desire to understand the partner’s mentality and culture.

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