A Foreigner Wants To Trust You

Trust is the foundation of any interpersonal relationship. Trust can be gained, but it can also be easily lost and not gained again, despite the efforts made. Trust can be unconditional (blind) or limited to the limits of common sense. Trust is especially important for people who have met online, hoping to create a long-term relationship, to unite their lives.

Blind trust is often taken advantage of for personal gain

Why, in a time when the reality of the person you’ve met online can easily be verified by video call, do Internet scammers still easily deceive thousands of lonely hearts? Because they can make their victim trust them, despite the implausible stories and excuses with which they try to achieve their goal.

Why do men trust crooks and are afraid to trust a real, sincere woman?

In contrast to scammers, real women who are sincerely trying to find a soul mate are often distrusted by men. Unfortunately, they themselves provoke it, unknowingly committing a number of mistakes.

  • One-word answers and lack of interest in a man’s life, which is a manifestation of stereotypical behavior of Slavic women;
  • Stating deliberately false information about yourself in your profile on an international dating site;
  • Ignoring questions asked by the man;
  • Inattention while writing a response letter;
  • Delaying a response (to letters, messages from a man) for several days;
  • The manifestation of practicality in the eyes of a woman who looks like a man to show self-interest: a vivid interest in the man’s financial situation, the possibility of obtaining an expensive gift, the “level” of his generosity (cheaters are not interested in this! They just act out their play, and the victim is looking for money herself to solve the “problem” described by the scammer) ;
  • reluctance to switch from written contact to video calls.

A relationship with a foreigner without trust is impossible

In order for you to have a relationship with a foreigner you met on an international dating site, you must trust each other. Without mutual trust, without building a trusting relationship, it is impossible to continue dating or plan a future together. Be sincere, be punctual and consistent. Being taciturn, arrogant, ignoring questions doesn’t make you closer, doesn’t strengthen the relationship between you.

The goal of online dating is a real relationship

Any online dating with the goal of creating a long-term relationship has as its goal (at first) a real meeting. In virtual reality relationships remain virtual, built solely on fantasy, on ideas about the possible development of a novel in the real future. In this case, no matter how strong emotions are experienced, virtual relationships remain a fantasy. For virtual relationships, since they are built solely on fantasy, trust does not play an important role. However, the degree of trust is an important factor in planning the first meeting, the first step toward a real relationship. A foreigner will not plan a trip to a woman he does not trust. After all, when he arrives in a country that is foreign to him, he will depend to a certain extent on her integrity.

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