Where And How To Find a Rich Man For a Beautiful Woman?

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How to find a rich daddy online

Rules of the perfect concubine for a daddy

Where to Meet a Rich Daddy

How to find a rich daddy online

Rules of the perfect concubine for a daddy

Paradise in the shawl with the one you love – is it really true? Critical thinking, typical for girls of the 21st century, forces to be more prosaic. And it’s not just about convenience, although bringing sewage to the paradise hut is not the least of these things. In our harsh times, the desire to be confident in the future is not a whim, but to ensure safety.

Certainly a connection with a rich man promises a pleasant prospect. There will be no need to earn a living. You won’t have to choose between a new dress and a new lipstick. There will be a lot of free time, which, given the newfound financial freedom, you can invest in yourself. In general, what a carefree life is, we know it firsthand. The question is where to find a rich sponsor?

How to find a rich daddy on the Internet

  • The benefits of dating sites
  • How to properly compose a questionnaire

Rules of an ideal concubine for a daddy

How To Find A Rich Man

What kind of girls rich men like

The desire to find a sponsor for a man lies not only in mercantilism. Nature herself told a woman to want a man who could provide for her offspring. At the same time, nature has left some instructions for men as well. For example, to pay attention to beauty.


According to surveys, the beauty of a woman’s body interests all men without exception, and you shouldn’t be under the illusion that “sugar daddy” or “sugar daddy” is bitten by a rich inner world. Daddy’s desire for a pretty girl also has its basis. It is rooted in the image. By the way, we are talking not only about natural beauty, but also man-made. Hyaluronic lips, false eyelashes and keratin hair are gaining a confident victory over their natural competitors. With one small note, let all the extensions look like their own.

Beauty is not about plastic surgery. The silicon ladies are getting pretty tired of it. Surveys show that fewer and fewer rich daddies want to mint artificial breasts. The beautiful concubine is a regular at gyms and spas.

Women’s power.

A flawless picture is not even half the success (but an essential part of it). A woman’s great strength lies in her weakness. Weakness is about character. About softness and malleability. About tenderness and warmth. About “what a sweet fool”. Overcoming obstacles, extracting resources, winning a place in the sun, the sugar daddy, in the words of a famous classic, wants to “hide his ringing in the soft, in the female.

Trump’s main trump card.

What, besides hyaluronic lips and teeth under veneers, interests a rich daddy in the mouth area? The speech of a contender for his purse. Let’s be frank: there are too many beautiful women around a wealthy man, and conversation – pace, timbre, vocabulary, intonation – can knock out most of the competition. As a rule, beautiful speech is a consequence of high education and culture. Fortunately, both are acquired by reading good books.

The makings of an actress

Good looks and skillful mouth control are not everything. A concubine needs the makings of an actress. First, you have to imitate feelings, including passion and love for the sooner or later bored rich daddy. Secondly, you will have to play for yourself, convincing the reflection in the mirror: a luxurious life is worth it, to bend under the changing world of the daddy’s moods.

How To Find A Rich Man

Where to Meet Rich Daddy

You can invest in yourself and develop yourself, but you never meet a rich daddy. Daddies have a habitat, and that habitat is not Chocolatier. Where are the sugar daddy’s? How do you find a sponsor for a girl who is convinced that heaven is not in a shack, but in Rublyovka?

Attention on the parking lot.

Every city has its own list of places where, like bees to honey, rich daddies flock. An indicator of status is parking lots, or, more precisely, cars. With enviable regularity, like going to work, you go to places where expensive cars are parked.

With the hashtag “business.”

A high concentration of men burdened with money in places in the “business” category. Business centers, business forums, business trainings – enterprising girls go there. No money to participate in the seminar – take a vacant seat in the cafe, where the owners of the weighty virtues (namely, the purse) will go during the break.

Status Shows.

Forget about museums at once. There is no doubt that there is a class of rich intellectuals who prefer to pass their leisure time in empty and dusty halls. But first, this class is small. Secondly, this class is very picky about its partners. Let’s face it, most of us do not know much about great art. But with a clear conscience, you can come and stand in an exhibition of yachts, expensive cars, and famous contemporary artists.

Oh, sport, you are power

Hippodromes, tennis courts, golf clubs, car races–places where testosterone perfume is flavored with expensive perfume should certainly be on the list of must-see venues. As for fitness clubs, it is possible to find a sponsor for financial assistance there as well, but we are usually talking about majors and managers. Such fish as a rich daddy are rarely found in fitness clubs.

Resort romance.

If you can afford it, pack a suitcase and go to a resort. Among the favorite vacation spots of rich daddies are St. Moritz, Courchevel, Sardinia, Cannes. If you really want to, you can find budget accommodation at any of the expensive resorts, and buy products in the store.

Standing behind the counter.

In search of a profitable man, many girls go behind the counter. Not behind an ordinary one, but behind one in a luxury store. The vacancy of a sales assistant in a store of luxury cars is one of the most tidbits for “hunters” of daddies. Experience proves: the toilers of premium segment have many chances to get the cherished sack of money. In general, toil, toil and toil again – advice, actual in any situation.

Over a bowl of soup.

Can’t afford a resort, you’re sure to scrape together a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee at a high-end cafe. Business lunches don’t usually break the bank. Look for upscale eateries within walking distance of business centers. Google upscale restaurants located in the heart of the city. And keep etiquette in mind. Don’t put your elbows on the table. No blowing on the hot dish. No smacking, sipping, or licking your fingers.

How To Find A Rich Man

How to Find a Rich Daddy on the Internet

There are many places where finding a sponsor is impossible – like the aforementioned Chocolatier. But that place hasn’t been your couch for a long time. Sitting on your ass at home, finding a rich daddy is very real. There are many resources in the “sugar dating” category – sites where wealthy men look for dating mercenary girls.

Advantages of Dating Sites

Finding a daddy online is convenient. You sit in your pajamas and go through rich sponsors.

  • this is the most budget-friendly method of finding a rich daddy;
  • There’s a high concentration of really rich men here;
  • all users understand each other’s goals well;
  • You can do “hunting” at any convenient time.

At the same time, the dating portals are not without disadvantages. A large number of sites in the sugar dating category are a resource for selling sex. Where are the concubines and where are the prostitutes? In view of today’s realities, both can sell sex (candid photos). And you can not always tell who is who.

Among the “right” sites aimed at rich men and women who are not indifferent to wealth is topsoderzhanki.ru. Wealthy sponsors, girls’ decency, confidentiality of both parties – guaranteed. As early as today, the cherished “papik” can be in your pocket. Register and change your life.

How to write a questionnaire correctly.

Choose the best photos, or better yet, arrange a photo shoot. Describe in detail your 90-60-90 (size matters). Tell about interests, talents and hobbies. In general, show the best of what nature has awarded you, inside and outside. And be completely honest in this matter is not necessary. Self-presentation is not a confession. Daddy doesn’t want the truth, but a reason to be proud.

How To Find A Rich Man

The rules of the perfect concubine for a daddy.

The formula for success in this difficult business is quite simple – looks, education, ambition. With this set of trumps it is not a problem to quickly find a daddy on the Internet, in a restaurant and at a resort. Of course, we are talking about specialized dating sites, fashionable restaurants and elite vacation spots. So? You don’t need VIP tickets and millions for that.

Still, finding a sponsor is not becoming a concubine. Being a concubine is a vocation. At the very least, it’s a job that requires serious effort, psychological literacy, and investment in oneself.

In the 15th and 17th centuries, the concubines of monarchs were socially significant figures, wielding serious influence. Having a concubine was a sign of status. In France, the favored women who were maintained by their patrons were called “official concubines” (maîtresse en titre). In particular, it was the Marquise de Pompadour, the official concubine of King Louis XV, who for 20 years had a great influence on state affairs, science and art.

Here are some important rules shared by experienced female hunters of men’s hearts and purses.

  • Develop as a person. Learning languages, starting your own business, and making the right connections is a great plan in case of force majeure.
  • Develop yourself sexually. You can’t go anywhere without it. You can’t get very far in the missionary position. Be ready for unexpected sexual experiments.
  • Don’t figure things out. You like to be moody, complain, and blow your brains out, a concubine is definitely not your calling. Keep your cockroaches to yourself when talking to your daddy.
  • Generate feelings. A sponsor is not a bag of money, but a partner. More soul in this difficult but profitable business. The commercial format of the relationship is not yet a reason to deprive the rich daddy of emotions and feelings.
  • Don’t fall in love. A smart concubine is a woman with a cold mind. Falling in love with a sponsor is almost a guaranteed failure of a great plan to “finally live like a human being.

A union in which all parties satisfy each other is an effective union. And it doesn’t matter what that union is called. The “concubine and sponsor” format has as much right to life as paradise with a lover in a shack. The main thing is to understand in time and realistically what you need from life.

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