Darya And Gunter

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you because Gunter and I got married on August 19. We met on your portal and since then we have been together and we are very happy. Thank you for this opportunity to be happy, which we received from you!

Best wishes, Dasha and Gunter

Lately I had been feeling lonely and wanted to find a friend. Besides, I wanted to speak German with my friend without fail. I didn’t believe it was possible to find anything serious on a dating site, any kind of serious relationship. And I wasn’t planning to get married.

My (future) husband wrote to me. (Join Adult Dating – MeetKing) I didn’t want to answer him, because I’ve had a lot of men write to me. But then I thought, why not, I will try to correspond with him. He wrote such long letters 🙂 After 3-5 messages I wrote him my phone number. We talked for 5 hours and I just couldn’t believe how we could have so much in common. All of our interests are the same. Drawing, writing books, music, movies, taste, opinions, food, travel, computer games. We are the same. Only he is a man and I am a woman. He once said to me, “I know and understand you so well because you have exactly the same character as I do.” Our goals also found each other.

He invited me. A lot of people invited me, but I flew to him without a backward glance. First to Berlin, and then to Bavaria. I wasn’t afraid, I just felt in my heart that I had to do it. He drove seven hours by car to pick me up in Berlin.

We speak German. I have always enjoyed learning German. Now I read his books and he helps me understand everything. I understand everything he says. Although in the beginning I didn’t understand other people’s speech very well. We want to start a common business, we travel together, go hiking, do sports, we are both very active and always support each other. He is always there for me and I am there for him.

Sometimes (Also Read: APPRECIATE MEN WHO ARE WILLING TO DO THINGS FOR YOU!) it can be difficult because everything in Germany is arranged differently. You have to be always strict with yourself, organized, and get used to the fact that other people here are not so open (reserved). You have to work hard and always be diligent. Then other people will respect you.

Never be afraid to change your life. Always follow your heart, trust and be honest. If you want to be happy and find your love, be open and trust your heart.

All from the heart.

Thank you again, you have made our lives happy!

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