Opportunity Cost

Unawareness of actions leads to devaluation of opportunities. For example, don’t think about the impression photos make on men, you upload them to your profile on an international dating site. You choose a black and white picture that shows you in profile as your main profile picture. It seems to you (and only you) stylish, conceptual, but in practice it does not attract male attention. Your facial features are badly visible, the color scheme is, to put it mildly, dull and that’s why men just don’t open your profile. So this photo does not contribute to your goal of meeting an interesting man. There is a difference between a photo as an art form (and black and white conceptual photography is exactly what it is) and a photo that has a certain goal – to convey the beauty and uniqueness of a woman and to draw male attention to herself. If you don’t think over what photo to make the main photo of your profile, you’ve missed your chance to get acquainted.

Unthoughtful, unconscious actions devalue the opportunities given to you. Opportunities that have the potential to fulfill your desires, to make your dreams come true. However, without your right actions, it can’t happen.

Here are a few more examples. If you buy a gym membership and don’t attend a single workout, you won’t get a beautiful and healthy body. It’s the same with learning a foreign language. It is not enough to pay for courses or classes with a tutor, you need to learn a foreign language on your own. And you can also pay for the services of an international marriage agency and not give a chance to any of the suitors offered to you, or be rude to all candidates offered to you by the agency, or come on a first date with unwashed head, in sweatpants and baggy sweater. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? However, there are many reactions to events and situations that you might think are harmless (you just don’t think about the consequences), but they will devalue the opportunities you have been given. You can devalue any opportunity with your attitude.

All of the above opportunities that you can “buy” or get for free (you can train at home or at the stadium, learn a foreign language by yourself every day using free materials from the Internet, meet foreigners for free on the Internet), require your direct “participation”. After all, it is not enough to just pay for the opportunity and wait for results, you must also work to achieve the goal.

Laziness, unwillingness to reflect on your actions, the habit of blaming someone else for your failures, lack of discipline will devalue any opportunities you receive.

What opportunities does an international dating site give you?

First of all, a free opportunity to meet a foreigner and change your life once and for all, leaving for a prosperous country and creating a strong, happy family. Most online dating sites with foreigners you can use for free. It remains only to take from this opportunity ALL: add attractive photos to your profile (update them periodically), visit the site every day and express interest / write to men you like, every day answer new letters from men, communicate with men in Skype, WhatsApp or Viber, take an active role in planning the first meeting and be, first of all, the most interested in the success of your undertaking – a successful dating with an interesting foreigner.

There are pros and cons to every endeavor. You can waste time on doubts, or you can use the opportunities given to you (especially if they are given to you for free), “squeeze out every last drop” and move on. Time wasted on doubts will not help you “get ahead” in your business, change your life for the better, or find love, it is time wasted. Learn to make decisions quickly, and once you’ve made them, forbid yourself from doubting them.

Make it a rule:

  • See (recognize) the opportunities you are given.
  • Take 100% of every opportunity life gives you. It doesn’t matter if you got access to that opportunity for free or paid for a “subscription.
  • Be grateful for the opportunities you are given. These are life lessons, these are the stages of your personal development.

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