Online Dating: Safety Tips

When you meet a stranger in real life, you follow certain precautions. It is not customary to invite strangers to your home, nor is it customary to give the first person you meet your residential address or contact phone number. You can’t be too careful in online dating, either.

Do not tell strangers, the man you have just met your contact information: phone number, email address, social media accounts, Skype login. Get to know each other better, get to know each other better, using the opportunity of correspondence on the dating site, and when you realize that you would like to continue getting to know this person, give them your contact information.

Why should you refrain from sending your contact information to a stranger in the first email?

Your data can be used to create a database, send spam emails or you will give them to a person who will not want to leave you alone, accept rejection, after your acquaintance did not take place. You can meet a seemingly interesting man online, exchange a few messages with him and realize within a couple of hours of meeting him that he’s not right for you, you have different ideas about relationships, different goals. The acquaintance will be over, but if you previously gave him your contact information, he will still have your information. Whether he will delete it or use it for other purposes is unknown. Don’t give your contact information to strangers in the first message. You can do this at any time once you get to know the man a little better and realize you are interested in continuing to get to know him.

Be careful when handling your information on the Internet. Do not use your work email address and phone number for online dating.

Love Scam

Speaking about the safety of online dating, it is worth mentioning the problem of Internet scammers (Love Scam). As a rule, internet scammers use free dating sites (free for both women and men. On a paid for men international dating site, you won’t meet a scammer). The golden rule of online dating: never send money to someone you met online. It doesn’t matter how attached you are to your new lover, how heartfelt his letters were, or what promises he made to you. Remember, words unsupported by real actions are always just words. A serious man interested in a relationship with you will not send you gifts that you have to pay for yourself when you receive them, will not ask you for money to solve your problems, will not offer to participate in financial operations that require your investment. A serious man is interested in you and the relationship with you. However, a typical example of internet cheating is the following: there will always be obstacles to the “love” of the scammer, which can be solved only by a money transfer (“prepayment” from your side). Be it a robbery during a business trip abroad or lack of money to arrange a meeting with you.

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