What Am I Supposed To Talk To A Foreigner About?

Lovely ladies,

it is no secret that many people may be confused by the following question: what should I talk about with a foreigner, with an essentially stranger? It is not easy for every woman to develop a casual conversation with a man she does not know.

The easiest and most obvious answer to this question: if you do not know what to write a foreigner, develop a dialogue, ask him questions that interest you!

In our opinion, getting to know a man from a foreign country should be purposeful, conscious and productive. This is not just an exchange of greetings, compliments and photos, it is not waiting for his initiative and questions, but a conscious search for a suitable man for the future, your search and your decision.

When you meet a woman on an international dating site, you have a specific goal: to find the right guy and meet him in real life to find out how well matched you are. This is the only way to find out if a real relationship is possible. The process of “getting to know” each other before meeting for the first time should not take months. This is why it’s a good idea to have a specific list of topics you are interested in and want to get to know in order to find out if you feel a real relationship is possible or if it’s better to end it.

Every woman has her own unique “profile,” her own idea of the type of woman she would like to be with. These could be, for example:

  • His personality traits, his character traits.
  • His level of education and professional activity (who he works for).
  • Marital status: single, divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • Housing situation.
  • Presence of children, whether the children live with him/her.
  • Willingness or unwillingness to have a child in the future.
  • Attitude towards having children with the partner.
  • Attitudes towards drinking and smoking, absence of bad habits.
  • His religion and attitude towards religion.

In addition, many women are interested in how a man sees a relationship with a woman from another country and whether he has a plan for a future together when he meets the right woman for him.

These are important questions to ask a man. It’s wise to formulate a list of questions that you feel are important to ask a woman and then ask her in a polite and non-threatening manner. Remember that the man you are talking to should not feel like a suspect in an interrogation.

Ask the foreign beau questions that interest you will show how serious you are about getting to know her. This will make a more positive impression on the man than silence from your side and waiting for his questions. Silence, lack of questions in emails and texts, being reticent, and single-letter answers (e.g., a “yes” or “no” to a question that may involve a more detailed answer) are all signs that a man is not interested in dating a woman.

And everyday communication with a foreigner (for example, in anticipation of an already scheduled meeting) can be based on common interests, hobbies, stories about how the day went, what new and interesting things happened in your life.

Topics and questions to avoid

  1. Questions about the man’s financial situation. This includes all requests to name the level of income, to list movable or immovable property. There is a big difference between being interested in what the man does professionally and asking for specific figures of his income. Such questions will put a woman in a disadvantageous light. It doesn’t matter if a man is well off or has average income, any man wants to be genuinely loved and build a relationship with a woman on an unselfish basis. Otherwise, if a man’s value is “calculated” on the basis of his income, the relationship takes on the connotation of a market, a relationship of buying and selling.
  2. Details of previous relationships. The goal of dating a foreigner is a new relationship and a future together. If you or your new acquaintance, thereby show that you are not ready for a new relationship because previous relationships are still important in your life (since they are discussed with the potential bride or groom). The experience of a previous relationship can be mentioned in communication with a new foreign acquaintance, but it should not be the main topic of a lengthy communication, long letters.
  3. Topics of an intimate nature. Put such topics on hold until the time when you really become a couple. A real couple, not just Internet acquaintances.

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