How do I Survive a Divorce?

Psychologists note the fact that in terms of the degree of intensity of emotional experience Husband and wife divorce equates to experiencing the death of a spouse. Shock, pain, and stress are what people who find themselves in the broken boat of marital happiness feel.

Husband filed for divorce, demands divorce, has a child, how to survive

It takes a lot of mental strength to Divorce from your husband was not a catastrophe that would turn her life upside down.

Why do men do this?

Women are doubly hurt in a situation where husband filed for divorce on his own, having made that decision without the wife’s involvement. Alas, in the eyes of men, marriage and family are not valuable enough to warrant hardship and restraint for their sake. Of course, not all men are like that, but it is a common enough reason for them to file for divorce. In other words, where a woman can tolerate and act to her personal detriment, men often see an outright reason to file for divorce.

First Response

The hardest part is getting over the first seconds, days, months after you find out that your husband demands a divorce.. Many people have the idea of getting their spouse back, no matter what. Even if he admits that he was unfaithful and fell in love with another woman. In a situation where your husband officially doesn’t want to have any more relations with you, trying to win him back is like trying to swim in the same broken boat, mending it with improvised means. How far do you think you can sail? And who would be happy with such a decision?

Understand and forgive

Even if divorce is inevitable, and you feel only negativity toward your ex-husband, it is still worthwhile to understand and forgive him. Try to lay out the conflict “on the shelves”, writing on a piece of paper the pros and cons of the situation, your fears and aspirations. Listen to the voice of reason, not the heart. After examining your own feelings and experiences closer, quelling the storm of emotions, you may be surprised to find that the desire to “I want a divorce from my husband” It has been maturing in your soul for a long time. You just didn’t want to or couldn’t admit it to yourself or others before. In fact, both parties are relieved after a divorce, especially if the family life was by no means perfect. In the future, when you look back on such a difficult decision, you will realize that you did the right thing.

What about the children?

If threatened. Divorce from husband, there is a child or even several children is the main reason that makes unhappy women literally beg their husbands to keep the family together. Do you suppose that a child would be comfortable living in a cold war atmosphere between husband and wife? And if, moreover, this war will be very hot, with daily scandals and quarrels. Even young children intuitively feel the discord between husband and wife, perceiving it deeper than it seems. And a formal divorce that allows both spouses to participate in the children’s lives is a decision that is less traumatic for the child.

What’s next

Surviving a divorce from your husband Communication with other people, new hobbies, changing jobs or places of residence, visiting a psychologist can help. There are many ways to reduce emotional stress, and they are different for each person. The most important thing is not to give up on yourself. Husband and wife divorce – This is just a life stage after which things will change, and most likely for the better. Other men can help distract you and make you feel wanted and loved again. On the dating site you can find a man for a free relationship, a friend or a lover with whom you’ll build a new family happiness, this time strong and until death do you part.

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