How to Build a Relationship and Get Married?

A relationship with a loved one is like a garden, where the trees will quickly overgrow with weeds and cease to bear fruit if they are not cared for. Marriage is usually the most desired fruit. The white veil, the tears of happiness in your eyes, the exchange of wedding rings in the registry office… Will it all be in your love story?

how to build a relationship with a man and get married

Or is the man who is destined to lead you down the aisle not there at all?

A woman who knows How to build a relationship and get married, is sure to achieve her goal. Work on your relationship and on yourself every day, and then the “crown of celibacy” will never be your curse. If you don’t have a partner, start looking for one now. Dating website will be a great starting point on your way to your goal. When filling out your profile, remember to tell us that you want to start a family and then you won’t be bothered by flippant and unserious men.

Love Nets

Women themselves do not realize how much the prospect of marriage depends on their behavior. More accurately, many realize this, but all too literally. They methodically hint to their boyfriends almost every day that they want to get married as soon as possible. Walking past the registry office, such girls nod significantly in the direction of his door, and then stare at the reaction of the boyfriend. In the jewelry departments they drag the guy by the hand to the showcase with the wedding rings. When they see the bride on the walk, they immediately fall into universal sadness and ask with tears in their eyes, “Honey, when are we going to have one?”

Which ones get married and which ones get dumped?

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your behavior, get rid of them immediately. Compulsive “brides” are the first candidates for being thrown out of the league of women that men want to marry. If a man sees only the expectation of marriage in a woman’s behavior, he instinctively begins to sense a catch. Love nets are not a scary toothy trap. The path to building a relationship that leads to marriage must be accompanied by love and respect, not manipulation, subterfuge, and constant reminders.

What to do to get married?

When thinking about how to build a relationship with a man with the prospect of marriage, start with yourself. There is a misconception that the phrase “building a relationship” should be taken to mean adjusting your partner to suit you. No, if you are going to “build” someone, it will be yourself.

First rule: Down with falsity and pretense! Show the man your true essence, without glamour and pathos, without excessive ambition and vanity. He needs to know who he is going to live with for years to come in marriage. So be yourself, never lie or embellish your behavior.

Second rule: More positivity! Men can’t stand moping and whining. Don’t complain to your beloved about all sorts of little things, and even on difficult days find a smile. It is the ability to support each other in difficult situations, lift your spirits and give a feeling of happiness – that’s the real reason why people decide to get married.

The third rule: Don’t get hung up on sex. A huge mistake is made by girls who assume that sex automatically gives a “green light,” promising a happy marriage as the next stop. Intimacy between you should not be a commodity to be exchanged for marriage. Sex is sex and marriage is marriage, one may not depend on the other.

Fourth Rule: Be the one and only person for him. Keep the fire of passion and the spirit of romance alive, even if you have been dating for more than a year. Be caring and tender, inventive in manifestations of your love. Give inspiration, be feminine and seductive. Show your man that you are that jewel which it is unforgivable to lose. And very soon the man himself will propose you to legalize the relationship.

Unfortunately, not all men are created for marriage.. With some, the question of how to build a relationship is easily solved, but it does not lead to marriage. A man may be a perfect lover, a good friend, and just a wonderful person, but that does not mean he is ready to become your lawful spouse. Getting Married. You can only marry someone who is ripe for that step in the relationship. If the relationship has been going on for more than a year and there is no hint of marriage, it is likely that this man really should not be your husband. Have a heart-to-heart talk, and if he admits that he has no plans to start a family, you have the right to leave these relationship And start looking for a new person.

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