How to Fill Out a Questionnaire on a Dating Site?

You have made the first step to finding your soul mate by registering on the dating site But if you want your profile to be noticed by interesting people, you need to make it stand out from hundreds and thousands of others. Your personal profile on a dating site can be a self-presentation which can be used by strangers to make their first impressions of you. And first impressions are known to be the most important ones. What can you do to make sure that the right people will be attracted to your profile?

On the choice of photos

Photographs are hugely important. The visual component is assimilated by people much faster and of higher quality than textual information. In other words, even if you fill out the questionnaire correctly and attach an inarticulate photo to it, no one will even read the text.

Is it okay to hide your true appearance under photos of celebrities or just other people? Of course, such a decision is not welcome. Not only can you be disappointed when you meet someone in person, it’s also a disadvantage. Men who see a photo of a famous actress instead of your face will make negative conclusions in advance, considering your real appearance unattractive.

So it’s worth choosing the best photos you have available. Pictures from ten years ago will not work, as well as images too much changed in the editor. Do not be afraid to be yourself, showing others around you. Profitable angles are not forbidden, but you should not upload a series of photos with the same facial expression or head tilt, even if it is your favorite angle.

Photographs should be of high quality and variety. Interesting pictures invariably get a lot of positive ratings and comments. Each picture should have a twist that will attract views and encourage a desire to get to know you better. Be sure to add both portrait and full-length photos to your online dating portfolio. When choosing a main image to be your avatar make sure it looks good on a smaller scale. Once you’ve got the images sorted out, you can start thinking about what to write in the dating questionnaire.

What information should be given?

The questionnaire for dating at contains a number of items that allow you to briefly and succinctly tell virtual partners about you. We strongly recommend that you fill in the questionnaire correctly without missing a single point. The amount of text should be governed by the rule of “golden mean”: too dry one-word answers to the questionnaire are not impressive, as well as too long narrative.

Describe all the important characteristics of your appearance, do not forget to tell also about the inner world, about your hobbies, hobbies. It is a good idea to add some humor and positivity to the text, so that the questionnaire does not look as austere as a resume in the HR department. Avoid using common clichés, other people’s poems and thoughts – it is always better to express your personal opinion. Thinking about what to write in your dating profile, use your imagination and be creative. Feel free to talk about your innocent quirks and unusual hobbies, but try not to shock with extravagant statements.

Only give truthful information – this is extremely important. You don’t want to start dating a person you love by lying, do you? If you came here to find marital happiness, underline that fact in your profile. If, on the other hand, you’re only interested in flirting and having a relationship with no strings attached, it’s worth mentioning that right away. This will reduce the number of unwanted messages from users whose goals don’t match yours.

Information about your current mood is shown by a special status in your profile on Status is easy to change at any moment, guided by changes in your emotions. Another key to successful promotion is activity on the site. Take the initiative in making new acquaintances, express sympathy, browse profiles other people, and the result will not be long in coming.

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