First Impressions Are Not Always Accurate

It happens that, after receiving the first message from a foreigner on an international dating site, you remain indifferent and ignore the man, because he did not make the right impression, the spark did not run or just did not have time to carefully read his letter and respond to it in detail.

Lovely ladies, first impressions can be deceptive. Besides the man himself and his letter to you, there are many “factors” that can affect your first impression. Beginning from the bad mood and problems at work on the day of receiving the letter and ending with a lack of understanding of the foreign mentality, the specifics of online dating and a preconceived attitude towards men in general. A man who wants to get to know you may not have anything to do with why you think poorly of him or have decided to ignore his dating attempt. He may well have become a caring and loving husband to you. But by giving in to the first impression you missed the opportunity to get to know him.

One of the many proofs that first impressions can be deceptive is the story of Victoria, who several times simply ignored her man’s dating attempts. “…I didn’t answer right away and ignored him several times. Then he wrote a few months later, which sparked my interest. We were in touch every day since then, and on September 13 he flew in. I met my perfect German and the man I dreamed of. I’m moving in with him in March…”.

Let’s make a reservation. Don’t expect that a European man will make new attempts to “win” a woman if he doesn’t get a response to his first attempt to meet her. European men have a different view of dating and relationships than is common in Eastern Europe. They respect a woman’s choice and, if a woman has made it clear by her silence that she is not interested in dating, they will not insist otherwise.

The deceptiveness of first impressions can “work” and vice versa. You may be impressed by a man’s profile on an international dating site and his first letter may turn your head. You’ll hold your breath waiting for a new letter from him while he has no serious intentions for you.

In both the first and the second case, you should not trust your first impression.

Give it a chance.

It is up to you to decide who you allow into your life. However, we don’t advise you to ignore a foreign suitor who made a polite, sincere attempt to get to know you, but didn’t impress you right away. Give him a chance! You will meet different people on your life’s journey who will appear in different roles. Each person is capable of changing your life in some way. Become a good friend and supportive advice; change your opinion about other people, particularly men, and maybe about yourself; become a “teacher” on the way to achieving the goal (for example, to show how easy it can be to communicate between a man and a woman; help understand the mentality of foreigners; help overcome shyness when meeting an interesting man or the fear of the language barrier). Being prejudiced (“I don’t believe in dating foreigners!”), “throwing” just one glance at a man’s letter and his profile on an international dating site, it is impossible to draw a conclusion about his possible role in your destiny.

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