A Woman Is Not Only Her Appearance

Due to the growing popularity of social media in the last decade, the idea of appearance, of physical beauty, has changed in the minds of many women. External attractiveness (often artificially created thanks to the progress of the beauty industry) has become an “ideal” that many have begun to strive for, at the same time it has turned into “capital” that many girls try to successfully “invest” in relationships with men. At the same time, such important components of personality as character, personal qualities and virtues, and education have become less valued or simply forgotten.

True, still remains a simple truth: if in a relationship with a man, in selecting a life partner you will focus solely on their external attractiveness, except as your appearance, the man will not perceive in you anything else. A woman should not be just a picture for a man, an object of lust. To create a long-term relationship is important to mutual respect, it is important her personality: developed and emotionally stable.

Dating foreigners

There is a “myth” in the area of dating with foreigners that there are no beautiful women abroad and foreign men lose their heads from Slavic beauties, ready to do anything for a beautiful woman from Eastern Europe.

  • First of all, there are beautiful and well-groomed women in Europe. Beautiful women abroad have high self-esteem, they understand the advantages that good looks give them, and they take advantage of it. What displeases men about them? The answer will be different for each man. For example, a man’s dissatisfaction may have been influenced by the values of his former lover or the bad experiences of previous relationships in general. We are sure that each individual man will have his own answer to this question. Why do foreign men look for dating Slavic women? Because they heard not only about their beauty but first of all about their sincerity, their character, their unselfishness, faithfulness and family.
  • Secondly, in order to create a strong family union, it is not only a stunning appearance that is important, it is personal qualities, it is important “complete package”: external data and emotionally stable, developed personality. That being said, the concept of “outward attractiveness” is relative. Our perception, we ourselves endow some people with beauty, and others do not. Some people like one type of appearance, while others like the opposite. Therefore, when a woman and a man who are right for each other meet, all of the “parameters” surprisingly just match up. They attract each other sexually, they have something to talk about, they have common goals and ideas about their realization, they respect and appreciate each other just for what they are (not for career achievements or a trim figure. These are just perks, no one really likes them for them), their picture of the world is the same.

In order to create a strong, long-lasting relationship, good looks alone are not enough.

As time passes, appearances change, and youth develops into maturity. What distinguishes maturity from youth? Life experience, wisdom, outlook on life, values and relationships. If you care only about your appearance in your youth, you will not be able to create the foundation for a mature person.

If you choose a man who “hunts” only for appearance and youth, who does not care about the character and personality of his girlfriend, then be prepared that in a few years he may well find a younger replacement.

Online dating

On an international dating site, a man will write to you if he likes your photos (your appearance in the photos), perhaps this will be enough for him to quickly decide to come to you. However, a man will build a long-term relationship with a woman he will appreciate not only for her looks. A woman whose personality he will respect, appreciate and love.

In order for a foreigner in the first stages of acquaintance to be able to understand your personality, you need a common language of communication or a language “intermediary” – a foreign language that you both know at a level that allows you to exchange thoughts, information, recognize and understand each other.

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