Austrian Cuisine

Austrian cuisine was formed under the influence of national cuisines of Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy. Austrian dishes are simple to prepare, yet hearty and delicious. Today we will tell you about a few common Austrian dishes.

Main dishes

  • Viennese schnitzel
  • Vienna sausages
  • Tafelspitz
  • Chicken Viennese
  • Krautfleckerl


  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • Apple strudel
  • Sacher Cake
  • Linz Cake

Vienna Schnitzel (Wiener Schnitzel)

Perhaps one of the most famous dishes of Austrian cuisine. Vienna schnitzel is made with a thin slice of veal (veal is used in the “classic” version of this dish. But you can also try pork or turkey schnitzel) in a breaded form (breadcrumbs, flour, eggs). Viennese schnitzel is usually served with potato salad, boiled or fried potatoes, green salad or cucumber salad.

Vienna Sausages (Wiener Würstchen)

As in German cuisine, various types of sausages are common in Austria. Sausages served with potato salad or sauerkraut can be a main course. Sausages are also a favorite snack with beer.


Boiled beef with vegetables and broth. Tafelspitz is commonly served with fried potatoes, horseradish or spinach.

Chicken Viennese-style (Wiener Backhendl)

The Wiener Backhendl is a chicken cooked in a special breading. First, the chicken is rubbed with salt, black pepper and lemon juice. After that, it is cut into pieces. The resulting pieces roll in breading (flour, egg, breadcrumbs) and fry under a cover in lots of butter. Serve chicken Viennese with a slice of lemon and potato or vegetable salad.


Krautfleckerl or cabbage fleckerl is a dish made with pasta (fleckerl, German: Fleckerl) and white cabbage.


A sweet omelet that uses flour, cinnamon, sugar and raisins in addition to milk and eggs. Kaiserschmarrn is sprinkled with powdered sugar before serving.

Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel)

One of the most famous Austrian desserts is the apple strudel. It is made of delicate dough with apples, raisins, nuts and cinnamon. The apple strudel is served with hot vanilla sauce or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


“Zacher” is a chocolate sponge cake with a layer of apricot confit, covered with chocolate frosting.

Linzer Torte (Linzer Cake)

Cake with fruit confit, made of crumbly dough with the addition of almond butter and nuts.

As in Germany, one of the most popular drinks in Austria is beer. In September and early October, the Austrian capital Vienna hosts a festival dedicated to this drink – Wiener Wiesn (analog of the famous German festival Oktoberfest).

Austria is home to a large number of varieties of wine.

Coffee is particularly popular in Austria. In Vienna, you can visit one of the many coffee shops and have a cup of coffee with Sacher cake.

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