Are You Ready To Leave Your Country?

Perhaps you have already thought about the prospect of living in another country. Every woman may have her own personal reasons for doing so. When you move to another country, you literally have to start all over again: learn the language of that country, make new friends, get used to the norms and traditions of that country, find an occupation (learn a new profession, expand your skills or find a completely new field of activity).

Moving to another country will change your life, so it’s a move that should be well considered. After all, in addition to the romance and expectation of a life filled with new discoveries, immigration is a test of strength.

What challenges will immigration pose to you?

  • Preparing the documents required for moving to another country. You should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the documents required for your move and contact the appropriate government agencies, both in your current country of residence and in the country you plan to move to. You should have patience beforehand, as some documents may take time to process.
  • Learn the language of the country you moved to. Without knowing the official language of the country it is impossible to fully live in it.
  • Search for a new social role. What role will you take on when you move to another country? The role of mother and homemaker? Or would you like to continue self-development and learn a new profession? Maybe start your own business? When you immigrate to another country, you will begin a new life in which you can choose your own role.
  • Adapting to a new social and cultural environment. To lead a full life in a new country, you need not only to learn the official language of this country, but also to find “your place” in it: to make new acquaintances, to find activities that you will be engaged in daily, to understand and if not to accept, then to be tolerant to culture and mentality of local population.

The role of the housewife is one of calm, reliability and harmony…

…or missed opportunities, unrealized potential, material dependence, boredom and loneliness? It is no secret that many women who want to marry a foreigner, after moving to another country, see themselves as housewives, keepers of the home, women who are “behind” a successful man. The role of a housewife, in addition to its advantages, has its negative consequences. For example, the complete financial dependence on the man. We will not dwell on this point, but turn to the social aspect of the life of a housewife.

For an educated woman with an active lifestyle who is used to self-actualization through professional activities, studies, going to work or university every day (literally: cleaning up, leaving the house, performing work duties, being among people, meeting with colleagues – having a social life), the role of homemaker may at first seem attractive and an easy alternative to working everyday life. However, as time passes, this role (in your new country of residence) can lead to social withdrawal, dissatisfaction, and depression. After all, you will no longer have colleagues with whom you can share your opinions every day. The social status you previously had will be lost. Being occupied with household chores most of the time, you will not be able to make friends quickly in the new country. Limited social circle (at first it will be your husband and his family. And if your language level does not allow full communication, there is only “electronic” communication with friends and relatives in the home country) prevents the adaptation to the new country, finding new friends, communicating with people your own age. Not the least of these is the desire for self-realization, the realization of yourself through activities not related to the household. A full social life is very important for mental balance, for a feeling of satisfaction with your life. Without a social circle, and through it a connection with the outside world, it is difficult to find a way to fulfill oneself in a new country. Without being satisfied with your life, you will begin to miss your homeland, deny the culture and mentality of the new and, as a consequence, social isolation, still unknown to you country, and perhaps even regret the step you made – moving to another country.

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