Relationship With a Man: Just Communicating With Each Other

A harmonious, trusting relationship between a man and a woman involves dialogue – the need to talk freely and openly with each other. Open dialogue is important for the stability and development of the relationship.

In a relationship it is important not only to share joys with each other, to tell your other half words of love, but also to talk about their fears, desires or displeasure. If left unspoken and accumulated, problems, fears and desires can lead to serious conflicts, coolness of feelings, discord in relations and a break up. Discussing openly topics that worry you, and thereby working on the relationship, together you lay the foundation for a stable, trusting and happy relationship. Dialogue between partners helps to develop their relationship.

Often, discomfort in the relationship arises because of the lack of opportunity to speak out, because of the fear of being misunderstood by your partner, because of a lack of understanding of each other’s needs. It is necessary to learn to freely express your thoughts, feelings, desires in the relationship with a man and, in turn, to listen to his needs, to treat them with respect and understanding.

Relationships will not be full and harmonious, if one of the partners are afraid to open up, frankly talk about their worries. You should not only treat with respect to the feelings and desires of your partner, but also to be able to find a compromise between your requirements and the needs of your chosen one. All this is achieved through dialogue when a man and a woman in a relationship can talk openly to each other and listen to each other. The ability to negotiate, to find compromise, to discuss together the development of the relationship and the joint perspectives is the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Relationship with a foreigner
A relationship with a foreigner is not an exception and it implies not only expediency but also the necessity to speak fluently and to communicate with each other. It is not only a matter of being happy and satisfied with the relationship, but it is also important for taking a decision about starting a family. Before you decide to take a serious step – to get married to a foreign man, and move to another country – you should get to know your man (not only his biography, but his position in life, his values, his plans for the future and ideas about family, distribution of roles) and discuss with him such important questions as, for example, how you both see your future together? What role will you take on in the new family? What will be the milestones for you in your new country? All these things are important so that you understand what the future holds for you and have a clear action plan and a realistic view of your life in the new country when you move to another country.

When making up your mind to make a serious change in your life you should not only think thoroughly about your plans and actions, but also discuss them with your husband-to-be. Communicating through “sign language” or translation software will not allow you to do that to the full extent. For the sake of your happiness and safety, we encourage all ladies, wishing to bind their lives with foreign men, learn a foreign language beforehand, at the stage of dating.

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