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In past we already talked about internal contradictions that prevent many women from meeting and developing relationships with men. Today we would like to focus on one more “obstacle” on the way to harmonious relationships.

You probably agree with the statement that harmonious, happy relationship is a joint, sometimes difficult, work of men and women. Relationships are built thanks to mutual love, respect, understanding and the efforts made by the couple. Significant obstacles to harmony in the relationship with the man you love can be a woman’s dissatisfaction with themselves. After all, if a woman is not happy with himself, does not love her, how she can love a man, give him his love? If she does not believe in herself, doubts her strength, how can she trust a man and support him?

The first step on the way to a happy relationship is to accept and love yourself, to develop a sense of self-worth.

Self-doubt gives rise to insecurity in a man and his relations with him. We do not belittle the role and responsibility that a man has in a relationship, and do not deny the internal problems that may prevent a man to develop a relationship with a woman. However, being a blog for women who want to meet and build a relationship with a foreign man, we would like to advise women, our dear readers, how not to let the dissatisfaction with themselves become an obstacle to happiness in private life.

Self-satisfaction interferes with the enjoyment of life and influences the choice of a life partner

Self-loathing, dissatisfaction with oneself can manifest not only in the form of internal conflicts: insecurity, fear of failure, negative outlook on life and lack of desire to change, to improve one’s life, in the image of a life partner (in the criteria imposed on suitors, or in their absence), but also externally:

  • in the way we behave with other people, in the way we communicate;
  • appearance (style of dress, hairstyle, groomed appearance);
  • In the way you behave with men;
  • In the end, in the man with whom the woman will tie her life, his attitude and actions.

Without finding a sense of self-worth, being unhappy with yourself, it is difficult to build a harmonious and happy relationship with a man. Love does not come from outside, it is inside a person. Only a person, filled with love from within, can give it in full to another person. If the woman is struggling with internal conflicts, dissatisfaction and fears, it will be difficult for her to trust, to open up to a man and give him his love. It is these inner conflicts that she will bring into her relationship with a man.

We are not talking about painfully inflated self-esteem, selfishness or blind narcissism, but about accepting yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and working on yourself. Only you can change what prevents you from enjoying life and live in harmony with itself. Often low self-esteem is justified by the lack of worthy suitors in the life of a lady. However, the arrival of interesting men in your life will not help you to love yourself and take their advantages and disadvantages. The doubts that gnaw you now, will remain and will interfere with a man, interfere with your happiness. Starting a relationship with a woman, not every man is ready to fight with her inner problems. The way to harmonious relations, to acceptance of yourself, your self worth starts from inside, lies in you, it cannot be shown to you by a stranger.

Dissatisfaction with yourself can have positive sides, acting as a stimulus to change, to work on themselves and their shortcomings. We won’t tell you anything new if we say that you need to start changing today! The moment you decide to do it.

  • Forget all the “I can’t” and “what if it doesn’t work?”
  • Overcome your own boundaries, break stereotypes.
  • Set clear goals: what should change in your life? What would you like to achieve? Find love? Start a family? Transform your outward appearance? Enrich your inner world? Learn a foreign language? Learn something new? Find a high-paying job? Travel and see the world?
  • Think about what is stopping you from meeting foreigners? Is it not the lack of foreign language skills, for instance? The solution to this problem is obvious: you want to get acquainted with a foreigner and marry him? In that case you should learn the language already at the stage of acquaintance and not wait to meet a man who will be satisfied with not understanding and communicating with him by using sign language! You can learn any foreign language if you are diligent and determined.

We do not know what event will be decisive in our life, will lead to the fulfillment of a cherished dream. However, one thing is certain, in order to come to the cherished goal, it is necessary to act, to step on the road of changes! You may be afraid to change, but think about whether it is not worse to live a life that does not suit you, does not make you happy.

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