My Wife Filed for Divorce, What Should I Do?

Family happiness is built from the building blocks of our souls. People put the best they have into their families: love, respect, fond memories of the past, and hopes for the future. But marriages can become overgrown with “weeds”: quarrels, misunderstandings, and cheating. Unreasonable, too frivolous or emotionally detached actions that do not consider the comfort of your spouse can lead to one day one of you filing for divorce. This is especially unpleasant if you are not the one who initiated the decision: Your wife wants a divorce and you would like to restore a normal relationship. What should you do?

Why do wives make this decision?

Statistically, wives file for divorce more often than husbands, especially in court. This is due to the fact that men prefer to leave in silence.


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Also, women are naturally sensitive to the slightest change in the family microclimate, and even if you think the situation is fixable, in the eyes of the woman there may be no choice but to officially divorce and end the relationship. Often The wife demands a divorce through the court in order for your marital troubles to receive publicity in public.

There are some women who, during the period allotted by the court for reconciliation, prefer to actually reconcile. They admit that the divorce was only used to intimidate the husband. Of course, such a situation would be a relief to a man who loves him. But, on the other hand, the fact that your wife is using such strong means to manipulate you should be alarming.

What do you do if you have children?

The most traumatic situation for a man: approaching divorce from his wife. There is a child, and she certainly wants the child to live with her. The child’s feelings will be hurt in any case, even if he is just a baby. But if your wife is determined to end the relationship permanently, trying to tie her down by pushing the fact that you have children is not the best way to resolve the conflict.

Children should not become a weapon in a war between two adults. Divorce is a situation where a bad peace is better than a good war, especially with children. Just negotiate right away that your wife will allow you to see the child, take him to her house on weekends, and that can reduce the children’s stress a little bit.

Is it worth trying to get your wife back?

When divorce is on the agenda, how to get your wife back is a major question for many men. The answer depends on many factors: your family history, your wife’s personality traits and your character… The best solution: during the period allocated by the court for reconciliation, persuade your wife to start visiting a family psychologist. A specialist will help you look at the situation from the outside. Maybe you will come to a compromise and your wife will decide to withdraw the petition for divorce. But instead you may realize that it is really better to separate and not bother each other anymore.

Life is not over

Even if terrible things have happened, don’t let yourself think that life is over. Every day, thinking about How to get over your wife’s divorce. You run the risk of being stuck in a “swamp” of moping and despondency. It is clear that your life will not be the same, but a new life may be happier. Don’t stop communicating with people, making acquaintances. During this period may help dating site: not necessarily go in search of a new wife immediately, you can find a free relationship or just a friend who will listen to you and take away your heartache. Register at you will see, this action will make your life a little more positive. And very soon you will learn to smile again.


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