What Questions Interest a Guy From a Dating Site

The first step should be made by a man… Do you think so, too? What questions interest a guy from a dating site? Have you heard of nine girls and ten guys? In order not to grow old with three cats, you have to take the initiative. The good news is that even a little initiative will pay good dividends. Initiative girls are few and far between. The rule “the first step should make a man” all young ladies memorized in childhood. And while they sit and wait, I propose to arrange a hunt.

Contents of the article:

  • Where to start a correspondence with a guy: with yourself
  • How to keep interest in correspondence: tips
  • The key to success is optimism
  • The phenomenon of attraction – a mystery
  • Conversation topics – what men talk about
  • How to interest the guy: the psychology of communication
  • 5 rules for successful correspondence
  • How to put out the fire in your heart
  • How to understand whether you’re interested in
  • Hunting for the signs of the Zodiac
  • How to “turn off” a guy correctly

Where to start a correspondence with a guy from a dating site?

“Tell me something to make me see you,” Socrates said. Write him something to make him see you, I paraphrase. Clinging to “something” is what pickup artists call an opener. Coming up with a good opener is an art. Our “womanizing” advantage is that you don’t have to wrinkle your forehead in search of original solutions, by and large. On the contrary, relax the facial wrinkles and take a good photo. The profile picture is 90% of what determines whether he’ll respond or not. If the visuals hook him, even a banal “hello” or a formal smiley will unsubscribe.

So focus on your portfolio and get your “internet face” in order. From the article “How to fill out a form for a girl on a dating site” you can extract a couple of useful lessons that make your “web-face” be presented in a favorable light.

If you have a complicated appearance or a laudable desire to be above the platitudes, connect your erudition. Even if you’re a stunning beauty, you don’t have to start with clichés. You’re a smart girl and probably be able to make up a couple of simple and catchy phrases to interest him:

  • “I see you’re into diving. I’ve dreamed of wading the ocean for a long time. How was it the first time?”
  • “Saw your pictures from India. Planning a trip too. Got a lot of questions, could you give me some advice?”
  • “I’ve never met a man with such a penetrating gaze. Is it life experience or nature?”

Guy From a Dating Site

By the way, give the guy a chance to take the initiative. Like his pictures and wait. He doesn’t say anything? Go with the plan. “I see you’re into diving…”.

How to hold interest in correspondence: tips

Frozen in anticipation, heart fluttering beats will respond, will not respond. He will! Ecstasy! Pull yourself together. It’s easy to get a guy interested. Keeping him interested is an art. Learn to generate themes. Spice up the dialogue with pictures, suggesting, with me – warm, beautiful and delicious. Take an interest in his opinions. Pause for a moment – will he write? Do not try to be smarter and stronger than him. Allow yourself to be incompetent and weak. End the conversation so that everyone wants to continue. Have you seen soap operas? It’s right in the middle of it.

Love with your ears – they say about women. In fact, emphasizing the importance of a man with words and showing a deep interest in his person, a woman raises the level of testosterone in his blood. And a lady who knows how to raise testosterone will be bathed in men’s attention.

The key to success is optimism.

Complaining about hard times, social inequality, world injustice, and other whining turns guys off. They don’t want the source of their problems. You can get a guy interested in an attractive woman who’s easy, warm, warm, and full. Think Mona Lisa – millions of people admire her quiet smile. And on your face should be such. And inside – a mystery.

The phenomenon of attraction is a mystery.

The solution to the phenomenon of attractiveness of the enigmatic woman is simple. Accessible and understandable young lady attention can interest, but to hold it is not able. Man – hunter, and the main thing in the hunt – excitement. What excitement when everything is obvious? “I have a hundred faces and a thousand roles” – and that’s the excitement. Never go into the category of “conquered peaks.”

Topics of conversation – what men talk about?

A man can “swagger” himself by generating topics. Your job – do not get lost, and pick up. Begins about soccer – ask him what kind of beer he prefers. And what kind of beer. And what he likes to eat in general. Steak? Steak is your hit! In general, guys are interested in talking about their ambitious plans, personal successes, hobbies. The list of forbidden topics includes your exes and your problems. On the other hand, all men are different. So just notice what he writes and develop. Gonna go fishing? Is it true that bream bites head down, and the bait should lie on the bottom…?

two men talking

How to get a guy interested: the psychology of communication

There are many ideas about what to write to a guy to get acquainted. In the meantime, let’s move on to the psychological nuances of correspondence. I will share with you five universal rules for communication. I will tell you how not to put out the fire in his heart. Teach you to recognize the symptoms of his interest. So…

5 rules for successful correspondence

Rule 1: Be proactive.

When asked if you like active women, nine out of ten men say yes. Lara Croft is admired by men. Don’t go overboard with the afterburner. Interesting the initiative – does not mean to take a turn and iron grip to the crown.

Rule 2. Immerse yourself in it.

Men are self-centered. Talking about yourself is their favorite pastime, although no one will admit it, of course. Surround him with attention and forget (for now) about yourself. His opinions, moods, and hobbies are your religion.

Rule 3. Declare yourself.

To interest a man, between the case demonstrate the palette of your interests and strength of character. There is an opinion, men like “a little bit crazy”, sugary-sweet and all-forgiving-good. And women begin to transform into such “kids” at the stage of correspondence. And so, men like women “with substance” who only sometimes (e.g. during flirting) reincarnate as a “child.

Rule 4. Keep your distance.

I’m sure Justin Bieber suffers from an inability to be a conqueror. There are thousands of hearts being thrown at his feet – not interesting. A man wants to be a hunter. Keep your distance, even if you’re aching for feelings.

Rule 5. Conform.

Trying to make yourself into another one will fail first, and second, will blot out the prospect of further communication. And I’m not talking about the “long-legged blonde”/”chunky brunette” contrast right now. Even the character switcheroo makes a guy feel like he’s been “fooled. Fountain of optimism in a chat room – stick a smile on your face during the rendezvous.

How to put out the fire in your heart.

Looking for wording, what can interest a man, pay attention to the mistakes that can kill his interest.

  • Hyperactivity. Don’t flood him with messages. A man is a conqueror. He’s spurred on by detachment. A good man shouldn’t be much, remember?
  • Swagger. Behavior that puts an ironclad end to a serious relationship and takes it to the plane of only sex – sexual promiscuity.
  • Narcissism. Ignoring the man and fascination with himself – the best way to return from hunting empty-handed.
  • Problematic. Yes, a man has to solve problems – but not yours, and his woman and her family.

How to know if you’re interested

You should not force communication if a man loses interest in correspondence. And, on the contrary, you need to add firewood if his testosterone goes up. How to figure it out.

A man is interested in you if he is:

  • moves from one-syllable answers to extended sentences;
  • starts asking questions, trying to get more information about you;
  • writes first and even in the morning, gives you compliments, talks about meeting you;
  • willingly shares the details of your personal life and plans with you.

It’s hard not to notice a man’s interest. Half hints are not their format. A dominant, forcing, and proactive style of communication is the signal that looms for you to “get ready for a date.”

Hunting for Zodiac signs.

Don’t take the following information too seriously, but take note. Who knows, maybe it’s the stars that will help you win his heart.

  • Conquer the Aries man with his intellect. An intelligent and bright girl with whom you can enter into a fascinating dialogue will not leave him indifferent.
  • Grounded Taurus is drawn to “easy” women. He may be interested in a lively, intriguing and carnal girl. Intellectual conversations are not his profile.
  • What matters to Gemini is positivity and optimism, mystery and play, variety and the prospect of adventure. Correspondence will not work with a business and “household” girl.
  • Cancer needs a gentle and loving woman who can read his innermost thoughts and is ready to surround him with attention around the clock.
  • Leo is looking for a Queen – beautiful, unapproachable, passionate, well-groomed, intelligent and erudite. Honesty, kindness and tenderness, however, will also appreciate.
  • Virgo men are interested in serious, proud and decent girls. In correspondence, by the way, can check you out, deliberately taking a licentious tone. Be on your guard.
  • A Libra guy will never choose an indecisive, hesitant and timid woman. And his hesitation is enough for him. His priorities are beauty, tranquility and balance.
  • Interest Scorpio can bright and mature girl. She should be able to intrigue, be spontaneous, sexy and active.
  • Sagittarius likes educated, well-read and, most importantly, cheerful young ladies. Between spectacular fantasist and cold beauty choose the first.
  • Capricorn man appreciate intelligent and modest women and will not accept the hyperactivity of women. Choose a long and thoughtful partner and stop at the one who will be able to follow him to the edge of the world.
  • Aquarius loves to solve riddles. His ideal – a girl of diverse interests, with whom you can talk about anything, from the problems of the homeless to the progress of technical aviation.
  • The Pisces man will dissolve in a woman who will show a lot of attention and care. He lacks confidence, and a woman must nourish and inspire him.

horoscope globe

How to “blow a guy off” correctly

If the correspondence is in full swing, and you realized – “not your thing”, without regret “blow off” the virtual interlocutor. Guy can be “dumped” culturally, beautifully and understandably with the following phrase: “I was nice to communicate with you. But I figured it out and realized that we are not a couple. Sorry. Good luck! You’re a great guy!”. You may prefer the strategy of a long refusal, showing a lack of interest or busyness. Work, kids, the hospital – no time for you, sorry. There are risks that the young man will be sympathetic to your busyness and your problems, will wait or offer to help, and, eventually, will give you an inquisition. If you do not want to bother with it once and for all, then look at how to reject once and for all, so as not to waste your personal time.

In general, the only way to end online communication without half-measures is to send the interlocutor to “ignore” or “spam”. Tough, but no options.

The bottom line

The key point you should memorize like a mantra is that to get a guy interested, take an interest in him. Ask questions and listen to the answers, while remaining a mystery.

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