Online Dating Sites: What To Write In About Me To To Stand Out?

A questionnaire on a dating site is the business card of the owner. That’s why you want to make it perfect. But not everyone has enough imagination for that. If even with the menu items still somehow can be sorted out, then come up with a witty status for a dating site is not possible for everyone. We will make life easier for our users. Register on any site from our rating, fill in a questionnaire and feel free to choose one of the male or female statuses you like in any style.

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Statuses for women: what to write instead of “daddy’s princess, mama’s bandit”

Funny and amusing statuses that won’t leave your profile unnoticed

Playful statuses for flirting

The most original and beautiful statuses: declare yourself brightly

Men’s Statuses

Funny descriptions with humor: increase profile popularity with a joke

Showing seriousness and firmness of intent: for the one

The most tantalizing and seductive: sex offer

How to make up your status

Statuses for women: what to write instead of “daddy’s princess, mama’s bandit”

online dating sites

It’s easy to write beautifully about yourself on a dating site with a single phrase. Let’s get away from the clichéd and snotty social media quotes, let schoolgirls use them. Choose to your taste, we tried.

Funny and amusing statuses that won’t leave your profile unnoticed

  • Men devouring me with their eyes, if you would be so kind as not to slurp.
  • If you were looking for a bad girl, congratulations, I’m bad at everything.
  • Don’t bullshit me in your correspondence, or I’ll put it on your horns later.
  • I was born with a soft nature. Men are the ones with weak nerves.
  • Found me. Start hiding.
  • I hate money, so I spend it instantly.
  • My ex stated that I was far from perfect. He has strange ideals, though.
  • I have acquired three bad habits: not reading other people’s correspondence, washing dishes, and lying.
  • I’m not going to hell, the devils won’t let me in.
  • I’ll put my feet in good hands.
  • Black stripes in life just bleach it out.

Playful flirting statuses.

  • You’re smart, I’m beautiful. Let’s complement each other.
  • I want to fall asleep on a man’s shoulder, to acquire a proud posture.
  • I’m too sweet for all of you.
  • It’s not healthy to be sad all the time. The success of a woman’s charm is 90% indifference to her surroundings.
  • Write faster, for the time being the competitors are blinded by my perfect beauty.
  • I know the enemies of a real girl’s beauty – the vegetable garden and the kitchen.
  • I’m not perfect at all, but the neighbor’s dog thinks otherwise.
  • They say guys like three things that aren’t available. I’m going to put on a new dress, get my hair done and lock myself in the dressing room.
  • Let’s be honest, if I posted a picture in a swimsuit, I’m probably not looking for a long, serious relationship.
  • Emotional attachment right after sex is not my thing at all.

The most original and beautiful statuses: declare yourself brightly

  • I’m balanced and stable in everyday life, but you’re allowed to knock me down with a first impression.
  • Good men have no luck in life. Let’s refute.
  • No time to get depressed. I’m confidently going to the goal and enjoying every minute of it.
  • I’ve grown up. Although, no, I still love Kinder Surprise and I can’t pay my utilities.
  • They say I’m far from perfect. I have the opposite opinion. I think the ideal is far from me.
  • I do not suffer from a lack of conscience. There is nothing superfluous in my character.
  • I disagree with the statement that I am a princess. Look for a different universe.
  • I dream of long winter days where there is no room for soap operas and the Internet.
  • I’ve been married. I loved it. I want to do it again.
  • Ex-boyfriend told me to fuck off. I’m already halfway there.
  • I know how to listen and hear, but I love to talk too.
  • Not a bitch at all, just meticulous and demanding.
  • I can forgive a person I love a lot, but I will never forgive the lack of love.
  • I will marry for a great love. No apartments, cars or money.
  • I’m a fire girl. Looking for a guy with a huge, uninterrupted fire extinguisher.

Men’s statuses.

Writing a funny description in a questionnaire is usually hard for men. Unless, of course, you are a philologist. We suggest you choose a suitable one from our list and forget about how best to describe yourself on a dating site. Use, we tried.

Funny descriptions with humor: increase the popularity of your profile with a joke

  • I’m on a very active search. I’ll find one, no offense.
  • Erection is the most honest compliment.
  • Looking for a good mood. Who has one, write.
  • A man without bad habits is looking for a woman who will teach him those habits.
  • I’m looking for a new girl. My ex-girlfriend got a little fucked up.
  • I’m looking for happiness. Google doesn’t help.
  • I don’t wear wool socks at home to be warm, but to glide across the floor like a ninja.
  • When there are so many more beautiful women around than regular women, it means a hangover headache tomorrow.
  • Our women are so beautiful that we invented non-alcoholic beer.
  • Yesterday with a friend I took a shower, today I can’t remember where.
  • Turns out girls from 2002 are already legal.

Showing seriousness and firmness of intent: for the one

  • I am the one who will kiss you in the rain…
  • I want to inspire and be inspired.
  • I appreciate nice little things.
  • I am strong, smart and kind. My friends say I’m also honest. That’s what you were looking for.
  • Sometimes I can be old-fashioned. I kiss hands, give flowers, and believe in romance.
  • I believe in true love. Don’t dissuade me.
  • Happiness is when someone needs you.
  • People go through both the bad and the good. The main thing is to have someone close to you.
  • I give the sea of love and the ocean of happiness. In addition I offer the lake of hopes and a pond of fantasies.
  • I am too good to be alone.

The most tantalizing and seductive: sex offer

  • I will burn my heart on the altar of your love.
  • I’ve lived my life the way I wanted, don’t tell me what to do. I will drink it to the bottom of my heart.
  • Flirting should make you dizzy, not sick.
  • Appreciate love, it only comes once in a lifetime…
  • I dream just to be near and give happiness every moment. And if inclement weather comes, I’ll protect you from it.

♪ How do you make up your status ♪

If none of the examples of the above statuses appealed to your liking, come up with your own. We’ll give you some advice on how to write about yourself in an original way on a dating site:

  • Appeal to dialogue. Such statuses start with an urge to action. For example, “write me what you think about reading fiction.
  • Incitement to Question. The construction method is similar to the previous one, but begins with the phrase “ask me about fishing” (write about any of your hobbies).
  • Three criteria. Describe qualities of character, profession, and hobby, and build a phrase based on them. As an example, if you are an accountant and like houseplants, sociable and looking for a soul mate: “I understand accounting and geranium blooming. Looking for a sociable and kind man to enjoy life together and annual bud formation.”

We’re sure the right status from our article will help you find a partner for any purpose. Love each other!

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