The Best Woman Pickup Phrases For Men

The pickup movement came to Russia from the U.S. in the mid-90s. Thousands of young men and even girls got into the new trend. The main principle of pickup is the original way of dating, but in such a way that the potential partner has no idea until the very last that he is being harshly picked up. Another definition is dating for the sake of seduction and seduction.

Pickup phrases are built on the manner, interests, and response of the opponent. To be a good pick-up artist, you must constantly improve your erudition, wit, and have a great sense of humor. Use a template billet will succeed only in the first sentence, then navigate to the situation. Let’s talk about pick-up lines, applicable to dating girls in real life and on the Internet. We’ll tell you about the pickup phrases used in real life and on the Internet.

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The basics of pickup

How to seduce a girl

On dating sites and on the street

The best pickup phrases

Original pickup phrases

Funny pickup phrases

Naughty pick-up phrases

Pickup basics

There are no strict rules for pickup, but there are basic principles formulated by Sergei Ogurtsov, the founder of the movement in Russia. Let’s share the basic principles:

  • Confidence. Don’t be pushy, but be persistent. Remember the story of Shurygina from Malakhov’s show. Well, the guys there were persistent, but not pushy. They got their way in the end.
  • Communication skills. Probably the most important trait of a good pickup artist. Earlier mention was made about intelligence, so you need it to keep any topic interesting to your conversation partner. Talk about everything, she’ll appreciate it.
  • Don’t get hung up on rejections. Experienced pickups fail too. No luck with one, the next one will respond.
  • Don’t overdo it. Masterful pick-up is the line between witty pick-up and trolling.
  • Study behaviorism and kinesics. These are not swear words, but the sciences of behavior and gestures. A pickup artist’s reaction is his main weapon, and the ability to discern it is a nuclear bomb. Pick-up tactics are always based on the analysis of the interlocutor’s reactions.
  • Get a girl into bed before the third date. This is the main principle of pickup, because after the third meeting the relationship has already begun.

Stick to these simple rules and you will become a pickup master. Real gurus divorce a woman for sex while still in correspondence, she goes on a date with the clear understanding that it will be hot after the meeting. Or maybe even during it.

An acquaintance of mine managed to sleep with a lady in a restaurant bathroom, right during the first meeting, it’s a hobby of his. He finds girls on dating sites, the same ones that are in our ranking. And those who doubt their abilities still go to pornography and text the girls “hey, how are you?

How to seduce a girl.


It’s easy to get a woman interested in you, and even easier to get her into bed. Once you understand that, you’ll be picking them off in packs. The actions of an inexperienced pick-up lady can still track, but a dialogue built by a master never will. She thinks she wanted you herself, but no, it was the pick-up moves that led to it.

On dating sites and on the street

  • A spectacular exit. An unexpected appearance or an unusual phrase, in the case of correspondence.
  • First impression. The eyes and smile when meeting each other. In the case of online communication – the correctly chosen topic of conversation. Before you write, carefully study the girl’s profile.
  • Care and genuine interest. Show sincerity, imagine that the topic of conversation is really interesting to the hell out of you. Offer to help in any small way you can. But do not dare to transfer money, for sure, it’s a scammer. In the pursuit of erotic adventure, do not forget about safety.
  • Closing the deal (the girl doesn’t know about it). Meet any time, any place, but on your terms. Smoothly lead the interlocutor to tell her about a favorite place or leisure activity. Inadvertently schedule a meeting there, when she has already forgotten that she mentioned her love for evening walks on the promenade in the city center.


On social media.

Nothing complicated at all. Apply the same pickups as on the dating site, you’ll be happy. After all, you already know how to not only pick up girls correctly, but also arrange cool dates, after which she will definitely give.

The only difference between social networks and dating sites: There are a lot of fake accounts on the former. Maybe you’re flirting with a pimply young man who bribes dudes by hiding behind a beautiful woman’s page. We recommend choosing a trusted site. That way you’re more likely to get picked up.

Best Pickup Phrases.

Here’s a list of the best pick-up phrases for seducing girls. Here’s a list of pickup phrases perfect for seducing girls.

Original pickup lines.

  • You’re a disgusting kisser. There’s obviously something wrong with you. You need to kiss more often to learn, preferably with someone who knows how.
  • I’m sure it’s hard for guys to start communicating with a lady like you. But then again, shouldn’t that be your problem.
  • You know, I don’t bite. Unless you have to.
  • Your friend says you’re the most beautiful girl he ever met. I didn’t think you’d be more beautiful than they say.
  • That’s a fine dress you have, but where’s the rest of it.
  • You make me want to get better.
  • Scientists say that people only use their brains 15% of the time. I think you only use our hearts for 15%.

Funny pick-up lines.

  • Breathe the air, too. See how much we have in common.
  • And we haven’t met in chemistry seminars. I bet we have that in common.
  • You love water. Great, so you’re 79% in love with me.
  • Amazing resemblance to Google and Yandex. You have everything I’ve ever looked for.

Cheesy pick-up lines.

  • You look wonderful. Beautiful body, face, well-groomed hands, perfect hair. A lot of guys probably write to you. Except you look at the picture as if you haven’t had sex in a couple of years.
  • I don’t know what I have to say to get you to give it to me yet. Let’s just assume it’s all said and done and have sex tonight.
  • You’re hot, let’s get laid. Damn, did I just say that out loud.
  • Let’s save nature and save water by showering together.
  • You look amazing with your clothes on. Probably stunning without it at all.

Practice, in general. There’s no universal recipe for becoming a pickup artist. So pump up your intellect, train your erudition, and seduce girls so that they don’t suspect anything. Get a quick hit and quality sex!

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