How To Fill Out a Girl’s Profile On a Dating Site, So That No Guy Will Not Pass By

Girl’s profile on a dating site. If you are a woman, you are chosen. Even when you are chosen. How do they choose? No tricks. First the face and the figure. Then there’s the rich spiritual world. However, even a great portfolio will not save the profile, which “did not catch” or leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Let’s find out how to properly fill out a questionnaire on a dating site for a girl, so that the search does not last for years, and its intermediate results do not become a reason to visit a psychotherapist.

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  • What you need to write in the questionnaire self-presentation
  • What to write about yourself
  • You can’t go anywhere without a photo
  • What not to write in the questionnaire don’t go overboard keep your heart open
  • Details matter
  • To sum up

What to write in the dating site about me section

Take your time. It’s harder to write a beautiful and concise self-presentation about yourself than it seems. Let’s agree at once, when discussing advantageous positions, we will have in mind the prospect of a serious relationship. If you are interested in sex, one nude photo and two words of substance will be enough. Let’s go!


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Although Oscar Wilde said that “a woman is created to be loved, but not to be understood”, make a clear and distinct idea about yourself. First – you will be “understood” (identify). Then you will be “loved. It doesn’t matter what portal your profile is on – a dating site, Facebook or MeetKing. Positioning is the foundation of any virtual self. Keep in mind, guys are still attracted to femininity, softness and mystery. And still repulsed by “bitches,” “queens” and “glamorous.”

To write about yourself beautifully, capaciously and thoroughly is in the column “information about yourself” or any other, where there is freedom of speech. Here, the charisma has an opportunity to speak at the top of his voice. But watch the image. By stating a “faithful and loyal”, do not pose for a photo in his negligee.

  • Don’t make a man think about who you really are. The conclusions will always be not in your favor. Draw a concrete and clear image.
  • Even if you claim premium quality, you don’t have to say it out loud. The right strategy is not to ask for a price, but to present the “goods”.

And don’t forget, a name makes a person beautiful. Be honest (Anya) or draw attention to yourself (Game-Life) – it’s up to you. The main thing – no vulgarities (Cat), insinuations (Take-Me-To-You).

What to write about yourself: examples

A good example of what you can write about yourself on Instagram – Facebook, or on the dating site:

“At the buffet – elegant lady. In life – a mischievous girl. Weekdays turn into celebrations. Do you want to meet? If you love life and are ready for a bright but serious relationship, we will understand each other perfectly. Write!”.

The next girl can also be lucky

“In any difficult situation in life I remain an optimist. I believe in people and that I will meet a worthy man who needs love and support. I will give all my care and tenderness to a man I will love. Let’s get acquainted!”

“Also think that without love, even in the brightest life something is missing? Are you looking for a devoted companion and hostess who knows how to create comfort? You are to be congratulated! You’ve found me. Tell me about yourself – it is very important to me that you are interested. I’m waiting for your message!”. By attaching a photo of a smiling girl to such a questionnaire, you will get married in the near future. Speaking of marriage.

Who are we looking for?

Who, in fact, are you looking for? A husband? A lover? A sponsor? Order, but no “demanding.” Everyone wants the perfect one. Outline the key traits that will resonate with everyone: reliable, smart, strong. “Wealthy,” “financially secure,” will scare off even a “sponsor.” One in 100 wealthy men will agree to be a “cash cow.” 99 will give a villa in Nice to someone who is looking for “smart,” “strong,” and “independent.”

Why Seeking

Don’t get carried away with literary work. It is important not just to describe yourself in an interesting way, but to get a kick out of the profile. A beautiful romance, marriage, sex – your right to pursue any goal. Your responsibility is to reach the right audience. Be careful what you write in the column “Purposes of dating. Marriage and sex for 1-2 times in one form is inappropriate. Explore our dating sites rating – and find the dating portal which best meets your needs. Our detailed site description and real user reviews will help you choose.

Bait for a guy

woman in white spaghetti strap top

Wise girls understand that interests are the most advantageous place on your profile. Don’t rush to write in the section what’s interesting to you. The goal is to anchor. Instead of shopping and ballet specify: travel, hiking, cooking, soccer. And only then – crochet: “I can talk about hockey, fishing and your other hobbies. I prefer to share the interests of their men, than to spend time shopping. Or, “I like men who like home cooking, scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast and baked meat for dinner. What do you like? I’m sure I can make it!”. Appetizing?

More optimism

We’re not talking about what they usually write about on a profile: “I have a great sense of humor.” Humor should permeate the profile. If you can’t do it in a humorous way, be optimistic. It’s hard to fill out a profile with light and bright text, but sweat it. You are his outlet, not his problem.

You can’t go anywhere without a photo

Dating Site

No matter what you write, men love with their eyes. I recommend ordering a studio photo shoot instead of another pair of shoes. The investment will pay off. You want to do it yourself? Forget about duck lips, selfies, and “guess me” photos. Pictures – clear, good quality, at least ten. Smile, play with eyes, present yourself in different angles. Do not dig in the archives. Only fresh photos. As for erotica, light is appropriate. Your instincts should be used, but skillfully. Not “nude”, but “but”, “maybe”. Like Marilyn Monroe at JFK’s birthday party.

What you shouldn’t write on your application form

Self-presentation can scare away potential life partners for a variety of reasons. An example of 100% failed positioning is narcissism (“am I in the world?”). You’re sure, there’s no argument, but there are millions of profiles on a dating site. The competition is wild. Keep the royal attitude: “I am a woman, and all the roads in the world lead to me, not to some Rome. I am a woman, I am God’s chosen one…”. There are a million roads on a dating site, and the “chosen ones” try to avoid it. Don’t make other popular mistakes, like not writing about anything.

About anything

A sample form “about nothing”: “I’m sincere, sociable, with a sense of humor. I like communicating with friends, going to the cinema. I really like traveling and learning new things”. The characteristic of this girl is “about nothing”. Only youth and outstanding external data will save her from a fiasco.

Do not demand

Some girls demonstrate an ineradicable passion to demand. How to write about yourself in an interesting way, they are least of all concerned. Rule of thumb: do not make more than two demands. And the real woman does not demand, but receives. Because she knows how to present herself. Unlike the girl who wrote the following: “Give me the best, expensive things. Not what’s in my pants, but jewelry. Carry me in your arms, and I’ll climb on my neck myself.” It is unlikely that anyone will give her that opportunity. And the next girl will be offered plenty of opportunities: “I don’t have a long list of requirements for a man. I’m not looking for ideal. I just want to meet a man with whom we will have common interests.”

Don‘t go too far

What can you write about yourself if you are a bright, successful and ambitious girl? Don’t try to be even more perfect. Get down to earth so you don’t scare everyone away. Before you write, “I’m a beautiful diamond in need of an expensive setting,” think about what you really want: a setting or a life partner. Do you think a successful girl should “hold the bar” and “set the bar high”? Successful men, by the way, don’t like competition. Neither do those who, in an attempt to present themselves in an original way, overdo it and cause a persistent association with the characters of Lewis Carroll. And it’s good if it’s Alice and not Chatterbox.

Do lay out everything

Do not be in a hurry to lay out everything at once, including the details of the figure. Interest a guy photograph “nude” is possible, but the girls with a portfolio of such a strong sex as a life partner is not considered. Pedigree, a rich inner world, a difficult financial situation, sexual fantasies, “I love”, “I do not love”. Keep the intrigue. Be a mystery. Let him find out later. Tell him something now, though.

Details matter

Don’t hide your height and weight. What’s the point? Demonstrate your figure in your portfolio in an unobtrusive way. And frankly admit the weaknesses that matter. Casinos, cats, tobacco, tattoos – everything you can’t live without and don’t intend to withdraw.

To summarize

  • Asking yourself what to write about yourself on a dating site, start from the goal. “I want to get married” and “I want sex” are different profiles.
  • Be original. The competition is high. Stand out for yourself. Write about yourself briefly, succinctly and beautifully. You have to be remembered.
  • Find a balance between real and virtual self. Keep it simple – be honest, and embellishing – fit.

Choose a dating site from our rating. But before you start a profile on a site, study its features. Our reviews will help you in your choice, and our advice will keep you from making typical mistakes. The rest is up to you. Good luck!

And finally, here are some examples of successful and unsuccessful profiles.

This is how most questionnaires look like:

  • I am affectionate, romantic, caring, loyal, sincere and very sociable. An excellent hostess with a great sense of humor. I love to listen to music, read, travel and communicate with friends. I dream to meet an honest, decent, financially well-off man to create a strong family, which will be based on love and mutual understanding. (A lot of epithets and blurred image)
  • I have a lot of interests in life. In my free time I like to meet friends, we have a great time in restaurants and cafes. Quite often I go to the theater, I like to watch ballet. On weekends I go to museums, movies, beautiful parks. I like to travel. I have already been to many countries, but there are still so many places I would like to go. My favorite sport is swimming. (Restaurants, cafes and ballet certainly won’t interest me, but a plus for my love of travel)

And such questionnaires are quite rare:

  • Romantic, pretty and friendly girl. A little sentimental. I don’t like being lied to. I like to read books and fall asleep to the sound of rain. I want to meet a guy for whom the main value in life is a family. (A brief but succinct description.)
  • I am a journalist, a model and just a good person. Only while I do not have that one, which will want to devote life! I love to order Americano coffee in Arabica, the first greens in the spring, the summer rain, and in winter – how the freshly fallen snow creaks under your feet. I love it when life is boiling around me, as I myself am very active and outgoing. I do not like it when people try to manipulate me, I do not like it when I am scared or cold and I want to find a serious young man with a strong character, who is confident in himself, who is able to appreciate, respect and love a woman. One who is able to turn the most ordinary day into a holiday. Having met my special man, I would like to create such a relationship, to always understand each other without words. (Frank and beautiful, but a little long)
  • I prefer to remain a mystery than to write platitudes or embellished reality in order to get married sooner:-) I want to meet a young man to create a family with him in the future, which will be a small kingdom, where relatives and friends are very welcome, but most of all value the time spent alone with each other. (Unusual and humorous)

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